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Love reading this every night... So here I go, I've been with my fiancé for about 17 months. He has a shaky past so that didn't help at all. His ex was a drug addict and when we first got together I was a dancer... Big mistake but we live and we learn. So I of course was compared to the drug addict. Finally she gets to know me and I her.. Let's say FAKE CHRISTIAN. She was so sweet to my face and behind my back sending my man messages like "she's not a woman of God, she's uneducated, ect ect, let God choose your wife".. Well once again I forgave her and we got on with it. Well he never tells him mother if we fight because if he does it's normally a big one or were about to end it which only happened once, about a week ago it happened again. He calls his mom and says God knows what, about an hour ago I look at his phone text from his mom she says "please let me introduce u to my friends no strings attached... I hope you're ready to come home, I hope you feel the same way I do." I'm absolutely pissed!! I've done everything for this woman and her son. When will she learn?

I am so glad that I have found this website!!! I have been married for just over three years. My husband and I have been together just over four years. My mother-in-law basically is on a pedestal in everyone's eyes. She has this way of controlling people because no one wants to upset her. It is so hard to explain how horrible she can be to me without even saying much. What makes it worse is I feel like my marriage has been one big competition for my husbands love. I do not want him to not have a relationship with his mother, but is it too much to know that i matter to him? That I come first in his life? She even talks to him and calls him Babe like a wife should. And I am always made out to be the bitch because she cries if I stand up for myself. Sometimes I wonder if my marriage is even worth fighting for if she is going to be at the center not me.... Any advice?

evil mother in law

So my mother in law told my husband to put a protected order against his wife of eight years and he did it.....
So she also told him to kick his wife of eight years out her house and he did it.
luckily the protective order was dismiss with in two weeks because they lied.
all i have to say is karma will get them. I forgive them but will never ever forget.

My mother-in-law has never let anybody use her kitchen even her own husband! I caught my father-in-law frying eggroll outside when while it was raining and there were a lot of mosquitoes. I don't understand and so I asked my husband to ask her why she's not letting anybody use the kitchen, and she said "because it is my kitchen, nobody can use it, only me." Even her own children cannot cook in the kitchen anytime. One time when her and her husband went to Vietnam for three weeks, she put a foil over the stove top because she said we are not allowed to use anything in the kitchen besides the microwave. It frustrates me but my husband's dad offered to let us stay at this house until we have saved up enough for a house. What should I do? I'm going crazy!

Im so glad I am not a lone in the hell of the mother in law. This is really long and im sorry.
Let me start from the deginning. My husbant and are where best friends growing up. So i've knowen him for a vary long time. Before getting marrieed I took a trip to visited and live with him for just over a month. (He is in the military and got stationed somewhere els) With already seed MIL living in the house. It was no big deal when visiting. Everything ran smothily no problems at all, almost like just having a room mate.
After my trip, he took leave to speend more time with me and flew back home with me. By this time we were engaged and we desided to get married on this trip.
When we moved me out there and got back the distruction started to happen. Fitghting, passive agresseve behavior, yelling, slaming doors, almost anything that makes me uncompfterbol she has done or is doing.
My husbant and I are in our 20's living with a 45year old women with cronic migrans.
Nothing can be down endless it is on her schdual. Anything from watching tv to doing the dishes can start a fight.
The most resent one was over laundry. Getting all histraical saying she didn't know we where doing our laundry sepret and that we should ask to use HER washer and dryer. When all we did was sort the it to prep the laundy and find his dirty uniforms.
The fight three moths before resulted in surety forces and my husbants officers getting involed. The &$*%? military got involed. This resulted in a come to Juses meeting and a time line for her moving out and how to get there. The only problem is every week sens that meeting something always comes up where she can't get her income agusted so she can move out. She Also refuses to talk about her move out data or just tells us "it will be taken care of".
Orginaly befire I moved out there she was supose to move out after Thanksgiving, but that passed. The military meeting Came to the conclution that March, April time would be the goal data for thats when our lease is up.
My MIL lives rent, water, food, almost any housing exspence free. We even give her money for gas in her car and almost anything els she may need help with. She has no job, won't find one. All her income comes from soscial secrity disability.
He has been living with her for two years and I only six months. But I am at my wits end. I can't leave my room for it makes too much noise. Talking when my husbant is home is a hasel becuase I can't talk at my nornal voice for its too loud and I will be told to be quiet. And forget about being on the phone, not only will it be to noise but she hovers and listens in on ever converstaion. I can't even call my own mother endless im out side of the house. Worst of all whem my husbant brought this to her attention all she had to say is that that is my problem. My problem? That I have to wisper to have a converstion to try and apease someone who makes living at home stressful to now end.
I am a people pleaser, I dont like conflict and prefure to talk thing out. But when some won't talk and just gives us dirty looks walks off and slams doors.
The longer my MIL is here the less communication my husbant and I have. It has but so much strain on our relationship i don't know what to do any more.

I have a rather long story, as my husband and I been together for ten years and married for one. MIL was never accepting of me since the very beginning. Her personality is known to be abrasive, narcissistic, manipulative, and aggressive to not just me, but the rest of the extended family as well. Unfortunately FIL is also narcissistic, but likely won't have the time I write that all here.
A little about me: I'm a nurse. I am introverted, passive, and maybe easily labeled as being timid/meek, which I am trying to work on.

When we first met, I was invited over for a dinner with their immediate family, MIL appeared pleasant. However, behind my back she told my bf at the time that I have little going on for me. I was just turning 18. She told him that I don't have attractive physical traits and that he can do much better. FIL agreed. At the time, I will come over to their place to have dinner once a week. After roughly a month, MIL walked up to me and said, 'You are not the brightest or prettiest, so you need to work harder in life than everyone else to fit in with this family. Why is it that I don't see you cooking or mopping the floor if you have the chance?' Naive me, stood there in shock, I nodded my head, went in the washroom to wipe the tears that came running down my face uncontrollably. She stood outside the washroom saying, 'You look even uglier crying. Useless and worthless, as crying is all you know.'

A few years of continued abuse went on, however I enrolled into nursing school, and saw MIL less. Unfortunately being constantly reminded how ugly I am by MIL made it hard for me to accept compliments by friends or other guys on my appearance. To make things hard, communication in my relationship wasn't the greatest. He never defended me or protected me. I fell into what I thought was depression, which lead to eating disorders that made me drop down to just 80lbs. It was a definite struggle to get through, but I am happy to report I overcame that.

Once while being over at MIL's, because she calls me over to babysit SIL's two little ones. MIL pulled me aside and said, 'You know I always try to protect you. I have noticed recently that my son leaves the house at 2am and isn't back until the morning. And I heard him talking to another woman. She has the prettiest voice. I'm not surprised though, I know my son best, so I knew he'll cheat.' Of course, I knew it was a lie. At the time, my bf and I will some times fall asleep talking on the phone, so I will hear him snoring.

After I finished nursing school, my husband and I got engaged. MIL came up to me the day after my husband purposed and said, 'What a pretty ring. I picked it, so thank me. You know I was always against you marrying my son, but he always ignores my wishes. Lets live together comfortably.' She desperately wanted us to live with her. Husband and I both just stated our careers, so we are still saving up for a place. It doesn't help that were we are from, a decent house costs 1.3 million.

While planning our wedding, she wanted to be involved with every part. She wanted us to ask for her approval when it comes to photography, venues, date, and even down to the dresses I choose to wear. She even demanded to see photos of dresses I picked out for my mother. I soon realized why. MIL even held a mini fashion show of her wearing her dresses in front of FIL and my husband. She proudly exclaimed, 'I am lucky to have such a slim body, unlike your mom's. If they held a beauty pageant for women above 40, I will surely win. I am even better looking than some pitiful looking 27 year old women.' She smirked and smugly looked at my direction. By that time, I have desensitized to most of her antics and rude remarks. Despite not having the wedding of my dream at the venue I wanted, or even the dresses I wanted to wear, I didn't let it bring me down. I only wish my husband will see that we are paying for all this, and it wasn't fair for MIL or FIL to have control over everything.

Now, things have gotten from bad to holy-bat-<i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> madness living with MIL. MIL throws the loudest tantrums. She yells at the top of her lungs at me for the littlest things. Mind you, I cook dinner for husband, MIL, FIL, and BIL. I vacuum and mop the floors weekly, and I am on top of all the chores. For example, I was in the shower the other day, when I came out of the washroom, MIL was screaming, 'Why didn't you hear me call for you? I expect you to come every single time I call! Why are you such a filthy person? Your pillow sheet reeks, wash it this instant!' I told her they have already been changed a few days ago, and she yells, 'You think a man wants a stinky woman like you? He will leave you for a woman who smells like flowers where you reeks of garbage!' Comments like that are thrown over a 50 times a day. It has caused me a lot of stress. She will be against my nursing career. Her and FIL will gang up on me and say husband and I are destined for divorce. Nursing requires me to work nights as well, and they told me my husband will cheat on me because I am giving him ample opportunity to. Even the stress gets too much, I go home. I usually visit my parents over the weekends as I am their only daughter living here. My sister works out of town. MIL will ask why my husband seems to look paler and yell at me saying she thinks my parents poisoned their poor son. Accusations are so ridiculous, it some times has me thinking MIL is out of her mind. It's putting a lot of strain on our relationship, as my husband becomes the middle person. When my husband defends me when MIL bashes me nonstop when I am at work, MIL becomes more furious and asks him why he is always taking my side. She once told me my husband will never choose me over her because her blood runs through his, and that she is real family and I am not. I hope to move out sooner, and see less of her...

I honestly don't know where to start with my mother in law...she has said some nasty things about me and my daughter that I had before meeting her son (she still has not met me in her life), she has stalked my Facebook so bad that she made false accusations about me and made the rest of his family believe them about me. So when they put us in a group text message, I will get messages from everyone of his family harassing me. Recently, I been getting messages from some of his family gripping at me for not trying to interact with their family and they are very welcoming people! Very welcoming people?! Really? So calling me trailer trash whore, a druggie, a party whore, threaten to call CPS on me and etc. was just joking around to make me feel part of the family?

My mil likes to talk about what a failure my husband was at school in front of our two kids, and how 'clever' her 3 other children were including the golden child sil who she talks about all of the time. She will spend as little time at our house as possible, talking about sil and her 'brilliant' children the whole time. If I try to talk to my fil - a really nice guy - she says 'oh I used to pretend to like my fil too', or 'oh she doesn't want to hear about that.' She talks over everyone and never listens just reloads ready to go herself. She recently tried to ride over one of my plans for our family to facilitate her golden sil, but when I challenged it she went ahead and turned up at our house anyway. I asked her not to tell anyone about my miscarriage - she told everyone. If I tell the sil something she immediately tells the mother and visa versa - my husband says that's just women, they gossip, but we never hear a thing about sil's ptivate life. I am so miserable, I thought when you married it was your man's role to put his wife first but he says that I have made it so that he is uncomfortable seeing his family as though it is somehow my fault - is it?

My Parents In Laws keep saying that in the morning if my baby boy doesn't see them. He will miss them too much. And then they keep teaching my son to say &quot; Daddy&quot;. That's so annoying me. And too many things. I just hate it. Everyday. I just so stress out with them.

i have been married to my hubby for about 1 year... and my respected MIL,, initially she pretends to care me a lot..but as the time passsed.. she becomes insecure of our relationship.before she used my father in law in order to bad mouth me,,but now she use her daughter against me...rather talking face to face...even if i ask her a simple question,,she turns that into a miswrable conversation to her daughter..One of my drawback is i am having aggressive behaviour..Now she is using this image of me by badmouthing to everyone...i am helpless

Well my story is a nightmare that ends sadly. I met my future husband back in 2000, I wasn't looking for anyone was just in a chat room in yahoo and he happened to DM me. We chatted for a while and he ended up calling me. I lived in Indiana and he lived here in Kentucky. After a month we decided to meet in person. Long story short I ended up pregnant and decided to move to Kentucky to be with him. Even longer story short after a couple of months and me nudging him (which was a mistake) he finally let me meet his mother, reluctantly. We went to her house and as soon as we got in I had to use the restroom (pregnant woman lol) and he stayed in the living room and talked to his mother. I caught the butt end of the conversation as i was leaving the restroom and the 2 things I heard come from her mouth was ''Is it yours?&quot; I thought .. omg no she didn't this woman hadn't even talked to me yet!.. second thing was ''First thing you need to do is get her into church''.. I mean really?!.. I came in to where they were sitting and I swear this woman drilled me like a drill Sargent, asking me everything under the sun! we didn't stay long.. 30 minutes tops.. after we got out into the car, I didn't mention what i had heard, he didn't give me a chance to say anything.. he said ''Do you see why I didn't want to come here?, Do you see why I didn't want to tell her''. I was quiet for the rest of the 30 min drive home. And it's pretty much been a nightmare after that. Now let me give you a little bit of a insight to how i am. Im not a perfect goodie too-shoes kind of girl. First of all I come from a family of 8 kids, im number 6. Im the type of person that is very quiet, sort of shy until i get to know you.. then im loud mouthed and I do have a vocab that would probably make satan blush.. just saying. Im hard headed and I can be basically difficult sometimes, but let me just say this.. I havent been around my husbands mother enough to piss her off or what have you.. but she sure the hell had it in for me.. let me explain. See while my husband was alive, for at least 12 years of our marriage, he wasn't what you would call ''faithful''. And my gut would always let me know when something was up.. my gut was NEVER wrong. This ofcourse led to arguments and fighting.. cause i wasn't bout to put up with that bs.. so anyway everytime I would catch him doing something he shouldn't, he would run and tell his mother, right after i caught him (he'd call her or what have you) telling a whole heap of fairy tails that I was basically mean and hateful to him ect ect ect.. you get the picture. Now don't get me wrong we had good times too.. basically this woman, because he was her only son took his side..never asked me what was going on, never said anything to me..oh but she sure did put him up to some evil <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> to do to me. Like his first marriage, she found his lawyer for him..told him everything he needed to do to be underhanded to me. Got together with his ex wife, (who she invited to my husband's memorial after I emailed the b*tch and told her not to show up) and basically concocted a story and called CPS and told them that I abused his adopted daughter and tried to get my kids taken away. They also got his adopted daughter..who was maybe 10 at the time to make up a story that i ''twisted her arm'' ok anyone that knows me would know if i was gonna hit a kid, they'd be bent over my knee..just saying...well CPS came to talk to me, but when you have a child that sits there and tells your other children while she's over your house ''my daddy said when im over here that i can do what i want and nobody is going to do anything about it'' CPS isn't exactly going to take you seriously, not to mention there was no foundation for it..they spoke to all my kids and they told cps exactly how his daughter was while over at our house. There were so many instances of his mother butting into our relationship over the past 14 years I cannot count them all. Oh and she liked to ''give advice'' to my kids, like what she said to all 4 of my children while we were at his nephews wedding. Telling them all about his nephews new wife, how her family were well to do and that if they grew up and decided to get married that they needed to marry ''someone with money''.. ok from that statement I knew exactly what this woman cared about.. and who in the hell tells little kids this crap?!.. well obviously she does. I made sure once we got to the car, to let our children know that you don't marry someone for their money, you marry them because you love them and want to make a life with them. I think there was a hidden message from her in there for me ..but anyway.. like i said i had to put up with alot of bs from this woman for years.. to shorten this story in the last couple years of my husbands life, we had split up for about almost 2 years. (long story, swear i could write a book!) but decided to get back together in 2012. He was a very different person after I had moved back home and did a total turn around and our marriage was so much better. Even though things had happened his mother, i guess you would say, tried to be ''nice'' like adding me on facebook and would relay messages to me to give to my husband when she couldn't get ahold of him. I basically tried to let bygones be bygones not only for my husband but too that his sister was dying from cancer and didn't want friction when we had family gatherings. We had a family gathering in January for Christmas since his sister was sick and in the hospital. I could tell from the rest of his family that i wasn't welcomed there, my husbands mother tried to play nice, but his niece was extremely cold to me, to the point I walked away while she was talking to my husband... wasn't a comfortable situation for me. But it was once a year so i made the best of it. Let me also mention that since my husband was confiding in his mother all our problems to make himself look good NONE of his family had anything to do with our children (we have 2 children together a girl and a boy) No cards or phone calls for their birthdays, never went to their plays at school.. NOTHING.. I kept asking my husband why they never called or anything on the kids' birthdays ect.. and his response was ''I dunno''.. they would have nothing to do with our children because of their one sided opinion of me based on lies he told them. (I wasn't allowed to have his mother's phone number btw) Which is sad for my kids.. my children know nothing of these people..not because of me keeping them from their grandparent ect, but because THEY hated me they had nothing to do with the kids. smdh. Anyway months later the unthinkable happened. My husband was a courier for a medical company and drove blood samples ect to be tested from Lexington ky to Cincinnati Ohio, he was almost to Cincinnati and started having really bad chest pains.. long story short he went to the hospital and they couldn't find anything. He ended up coming home. And even though he was having chest pains again, being a stubborn red head that he was, I couldn't convince him to go back to the hospital that night. He died at 1:18 am. Was the absolute worst night of my life. As I said before i tried to let bygones be bygones and even though his adopted daughter and I didn't get along she was the first person I called to let her know that her father was at the hospital, second person was his mother. I got very little time alone with my husband after he died because someone was constantly interrupting it with papers to sign.. wanting me to donate his organs ect. but his daughter got time alone with him, because I asked her if she wanted it and we all left the room and let her say her goodbyes. his mother showed up later. anyway next day and a few days after that his mother played her ''nice'' role..basically pulling out her check book to pay for my husbands cremation..which she got paid back in full after I got his bank account and things in order. she did the same thing at for our wedding, basically taking over everything.. but that's another story. she called me on the phone every other day and we would discuss things that would happened and my husbands sister who was in the hospital very sick. (she ended up dying 12 days after my husband) ect ect. I thought things were good.. oh she played a very convincing role to be sure. She called me one day about something and then just happened to throw into the conversation about my husbands ex wife wanting her and her family to go to the memorial. I basically tried to pled my case, to no avail. I ended up calling her later leaving a voicemail and emailing her to make sure she got the message and explain to her in a nice way that this woman had been married 4 times after she was married to my husband and everything she did to me and my children I wouldn't feel comfortable with her being there and that i was emailing his ex and let her know that she wasn't welcomed. his mother never called back so i called her again, and basically got the song and dance of ''you need to be forgiving'' and ''that was the past'' blah blah blah.. and not in a nice was either..she was basically giving me an ultimatum. and kept telling me ''oh you'll never even see her, she'll be in the back'' ect ect.. that was a bold faced lie.. his ex and my mother in law were standing outside talking at my sister in laws funeral. once they saw me come out they scattered like cockroaches.. I believe she told this woman to come to my husbands memorial anyway, cause the thing showed up.. and not only wasn't she ''out of sight'' but she pranced her sorry butt up to the front talking to my mother in law and stood there for at least 20 minutes to make sure i saw her, my mother in law also kept looking over at me... (mind you this woman never shed a tear at my husbands memorial..his own mother! smdh) and his ex sat in the middle of the church in eye sight of me.(oh and btw this chick, like i said has been married 4 times after she was married to my husband and still uses my husbands last name on facebook) the memorial thing, basic slap in the face.. oh and not only that my family couldn't make it to my husbands memorial because of the distance. His family spent the time after the memorial gathered around talking to my husbands ex.. exchanging phone numbers ect while the only time they spoke to me was to come up to me for 2 secs and tell me how sorry they was before the memorial. Noone from his immediate family had anything to do with me afterwards.. I was pretty upset and pissed and after everyone went downstairs of the church to eat i sat up in the sanctuary, I never spoke to anyone of them after that, never went downstairs and left early.. no goodbyes..nothing.. they didn't deserve it. I never spoke to them again. His sister and niece tried to talk to my children and get them to go to his adopted daughters baby shower.. wasn't going to happen. I changed my number and messaged them on fb and told them to leave me and my children alone. Best thing I ever did. When people act like this towards you and your children, best thing to do is to cut them off. My life is stress free not having to deal with them anymore. Don't get me wrong, my husband was a blessing in the last couple years of his life, and I wish with all my heart that our entire marriage was that way (it probably would have been if his mother stayed out of it!) and I wish everyday that he was still with us, but I thank God everyday that I am no longer related to those ignorant, self centered, stuck up people!

Open Letter To My FIL

Oh B., you really just make it too easy. You see, your constant ignoring and treating my husband and kids poorly is only going to make it worse for you in the long run. You think you are punishing ME by ignoring THEM, when in reality you only make it easier for me to justify the eventual cut-off that is right around the corner. When will you realize that I don't want your money, and I don't want your land? What I wanted was something you could never give: your love. You withheld that from day one, first from me, then from the kids, and finally from my husband.

You have finally beaten me down to the point where I just want to get my kids, my husband, and myself as far away from you as possible, and to not look back. That is where this is heading, you do realize that, right? You have hurt us all for long enough, and now that you have foolishly been so blatant about taking it out on my kids and my husband (when most likely your real hatred is saved mostly for me), you have sealed your own fate. You will no longer have grandchildren who give you a second thought.

You've done a pretty good job of alienating your son as well.

One day, and Lord forgive me for saying that I hope it is not too far in the future, you will be gone. As I said, I don't want a freaking thing from you - but I do think the right thing to do would be to provide something for your grandchildren upon your eventual demise.

You can only sit atop your pile of gold for so long. You cannot take it with you, Old Man. Your privileged daughter doesn't need it, and your ignorant, drunken, racist, womanizing youngest son doesn't deserve it. These are your only grandchildren (well, until Baby Boy finally rolls the roulette wheel one too many times and knocks someone up). They deserve at least something from you....since clearly you refuse to make that something be LOVE. The lease you can do is provide a college education for them. I wonder if you've even considered them in your will....or have you already ensured that Baby Boy gets it all?

It matters not, to be honest. I didn't fight for the money my step-father swindled me out of from my mother's estate, and I won't go to battle for your money, either. You see, at the end of the day, it's blood money one way or the other. You cannot buy your grandchildren's love. If you manage to do the right thing and leave them something, trust me they will only think about it as money for college....because you have left them very few good memories of YOU that will be attached to that money.

How sad, isn't it? You've pushed and you've pushed, and you are now going to reap what you have sown.

I came here for some very specific reasons. Yes, I was hoping it would mean my kids would enjoy some time with their grandparents...but since that clearly isn't working, I now will focus on the other reasons I came. Financial reasons that will ultimately save me from certain financial traps I was once in, thanks to certain sweet benefits I can now utilize.

One day, those traps will be far behind me, and so will you be. I love my husband, and truly hope he opens his eyes a little more to what you have continued to do to him, his wife, and his children....and one day, it will be US who win out in the end.

Does it bother you that we could care less about your money? We could care less about your status (that is, of course, before you retired...and now, my friend, you are nothing without your job title but an angry, gout-ridden old man). We were hoping for something you simply never would understand: unconditional love and acceptance.

That's OK, B. We will give that to our kids ourselves...but if you think I will not tell my children how horrible you were, you are sadly mistaken. I want them to realize that their grandfather could give 2 $#!ts about anything except himself (and his drunken youngest son). I want them to realize what a disappointment you are. What a pathetic, small, ignorant man you are.

My father is way more of a grandfather to these kids...not that it would be hard to improve upon you. We have friends who are more of a family to us and our kids than you and your crew of ignoramuses have been. OK, I will give your wife the smallest bit of credit for showing SOME interest and caring in these kids - you know, periodically when it was convenient and for approximately 10 minutes per visit. But sure, I'll give her credit for those 10 minutes. The rest of you, however, get no such credit.

I hope you die a lonely, miserable who realizes that his prodigy has moved far away from him (because that's the 5 year plan, my friend). I hope you realize how far you pushed your son away - a gentle man who loved you and idolized you...and now, all he feels is disconnect, disappointment, and sadness at the very thought of you.

If all of this makes you proud in any way, may karma find you one day and show you all the wasted time that could have been spent loving these beautiful children, your wonderful son, and your daughter-in-law - who only ever wanted to be loved by you.

It is rare to wish someone to leave this planet, but I find myself feeling that way about you. You have just hurt us all so much, that I can only imagine we'll ever feel any real semblance of peace only when you are finally gone. You took a family of wonderful people (us) who only wanted to love you, and made us apathetic and sad. Bravo, my friend, Bravo.

What my in-laws don't seem to understand is that the more they show their true colors with me, the worse it is going to be for them. As I noted before (I can't remember if it was in my original confession as well as in comments to others), we had to cut off my in-laws (for nearly 2 years) for them to finally get the picture that we mean business. We let them know we are not going to tolerate them treating me with disrespect, and we also are not going to tolerate them picking favorites amongst our children (it is very hurtful to the child who is *NOT* their favorite).

So, as some may remember, we are temporarily living with my in-laws (we'll be in our own place next week, though, and it's well over an hour-and-a-half drive away). Please understand that I AM totally grateful that we were able to land here (we moved here from another country to, in part, be closer to DH's family (we're discovering that was a bit of a mistake) along with financial reasons). I AM totally grateful they have fed and housed us these past several months while we became acclimated to this country and while DH has been looking for a job. I am NOT grateful, however, for the disrespect we've received since we got here.

So, here we are getting ready to move in a few days, and yes they are planning to help us. That's all well and good, and I appreciate the help. They seem to think, however, that laying a guilt trip on me is going to bring them good results. My MIL last night layed this huge guilt trip on me about the kids being so far away from her (these same kids that she barely spends time with, by the way...although I will give her credit that she spends more time with them than the others). I go into my bedroom every night after dinner so that my in-laws can spend time with the kids if they choose. Typically, one will be watching TV, another will retreat to his room (my jerk of a BIL), and the 3rd will putter around doing her own thing while my kids play with toys in the living room. I give them two good hours before I start coming out and getting the kids to pick up their toys and get ready for bed (and if someone deems they can be bothered to be speaking with the kids, I give them even longer). Usually, they barely get 5 words out of anyone that whole time.

My MIL has the nerve to try to make ME feel badly because we're moving out. After the way they've treated me since we got here, she has quite a nerve. We probably would have happily stayed for even a few more months if everyone wasn't so awful. They think it is hilarious to continue to leave the screen doors open for mosquitos (and other bugs) and snakes to just wander in whenever they like, even though we have some of the most deadly snakes on the planet living right in their very back yard (bush land), and even though I have asked nicely, then begged, then got angry for them to STOP doing that. They know I'm deathly afraid of snakes, and I swear to god if a snake got in this house and bit one of the children, there would have been hell to pay.

They also think it's hilarious that my ignorant BIL makes flippant comments about my 6 y.o. DD's disability (autism). I spoke to him a couple of times very politely about it, once even at the dinner table (I had no choice because he was making his rude comments at dinner, and I felt the only way to deal with that is to address it right there and then). I then finally got angry one day and screamed at him (for literally only about 2-3 minutes!) and my gosh you would have thought I chopped off a limb the way my FIL got on my case about it. He basically told me that even though my BIL said inappropriate things, I should have 'respected' him and not yelled at him. Well, honey, where I come from women are not afraid of their men, and I'll tell someone off if it is needed (again, I try to do it politely and calmly a few times first).

Anyway, it became a big thing, and BIL started purposely opening doors in the house to irritate me (because he knows how I am afraid of the snakes and bugs here). Well, he's not the only one who does that. All 3 of them leave doors open regularly...STILL...even though both my DH and I have asked/begged/gotten upset about it. I told them it puts the kids at risk, not just me, and they still don't care.

Well, guess what? Because this keeps happening (literally just happened...again), and because of the attitudes I'm still getting, they'll realize that irritating me is a bad choice. We may still be within driving distance, but don't look to me to be making that drive very often. Trust me, if I don't harrass my DH, he would forget (or just never be bothered to) call/visit/buy gifts for his family. If I don't answer the phone, or don't pass a message along, he doesn't care. Irritating ME means these children will not be seeing their grandparents very often (they only saw them for about 4 weeks each summer when the in-laws would visit every July, and otherwise only about 1x/month on webcam). My DH is not going to want to spend a day off driving this whole distance by himself, and he knows I'm not going to be in a hurry to come visit. He knows he's welcome to bring the kids and come by himself, but I really don't see that happening very often...once a month MAYBE.

Without my support and prodding, my DH will be unlikely to call very often or visit, and if my MIL thinks she can just pop in whenever she likes, she has another thing coming. I know which days she's likely to visit, and I am happy to ensure we're busy and not at home.

Yes, I know it sounds petty, but I am done with allowing these people to disrespect me and the kids. To think they can ignore these kids when they've had every chance to play with them these past several months, and then think I'm going to roll over and accept that they have a strong need to suddenly spend time with them is crazy. It's not going to cut an ounce of mustard with me. They'll see the kids the 1x/month that DH might be willing to make the trip, and maybe (maybe) 1x/month when my MIL is in town for a couple of hours, and on Christmas and the kids' birthdays. That's all they're getting.

They've pushed us so hard that we're already making plans for another country change in 5-7 years. Moving on. We figure that gives the kids time to be with their grandparents while they are still little, and then we'll do some more world traveling when the kids are teens and at a good age to really enjoy seeing different world sites. If my in-laws don't irritate us too much, we'll let them go back to visiting for several weeks a year. I hope they are proud of themselves and with what their poor behaviors have gotten them. I once cared about what they thought. I once wanted them to love me. I gave up years ago when I realized that they will never love me, and that they are incapable of unconditional love and acceptance. Time to start preparing for greener pastures. Nice that we gave up everything to move here, eh?

I have been dating my boyfriend for over two years, known him for 5 years and for all purposes we are partners. We live 16 hours drive from my family and 2 hours from his. I love him with all my heart and he loves me. His family is of a different culture, religion and race which seems to matter to them but not us.
When I first met the family, after a year of dating, they already hated me. The grandfather had instilled a sense of hatred and racism in all of them. He would tell them to wash themselves if they touched me.
This weekend was the worst. His mother told me to be with my own &quot;kind&quot;. She told me that they will never accept me or any children we have together. She spewed out ignorance that all around could see. She even took the car keys out of the ignition while i was driving to hit and harass me when I was trying to leave a bad situation.
My partner was so upset he drank until he was sick. I had to take away the alcohol, bath him to hydrate him and get his best friend to calm him down because he wouldn't stop crying.
I don't know what to do. I am there for him but I feel a distance in is heart. His mother has hurt him so much. He still wants to marry me and have kids with me. I think he realizes for that to happen, his family may not be able to be a part in our lives due to their own wishes and not ours. I sacrificed my pride to try and make things work with his family and I can't do that any more. I have chosen to keep them at a distance.
I hope after all this my partner still wishes to have a life we planned together. I pray whatever happens, that we will be happy again without this dark cloud of in-laws hanging over us.

My husband and I are staying with his mother until we get our own place. She complains about everything. She always tells me what in doing wrong, actually what she thinks I'm doing wrong. My husband works long hours so I'm there with her all day. I wanted a job so bad, but it's hard to apply when you don't know anyone around there and MIL said she doesn't want to babysit our one year old. When I do get hired somewhere and find a sitter, she makes comments like;&quot; You just want that higher paying job so you can pay the babysitter AND have extra money in your pocket!&quot; I don't think she realizes that it's the idea of having a job. She gives me looks when I speak. Criticizes my driving,(she doesn't have a license or a car because of DUI's) so she has to rely on me to take her places. She tells me how SHE does laundry and dishes and that's how she wants me to do it. Certain settings on the washer only. I can put dish soap on the sponge but not the dish clothe. She said I bring too much food in the house. I told her I buy for all of us. She said she doesn't easy what we eat, but whenever I make dinner, she eats it. I'd I don't offer her something she gets offended. But I cook and clean it up. Her RULES are always changing. She treats me totally different when her son is not around. I told him some things the other day and I was crying. He said something to get and she stopped talking to me. She still has her demands, but otherwise she stays clear of me. I can feel her watching my every move tho. I want to scream. She tries to tell me how to raise my daughter, tells at her, tries to discipline her. I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't. She always has something negative to say to me. I don't know how long I can handle living there. I escape to my parents house sometimes. They live over an hour away. There's so much more I could say, in just going to take a break now. Ahh.

My husband is from another country, and I can understand his native language but only speak a few words. I am a full time student and a mom to a 1 year old. We share an apartment with his older single brother who looks down on me and despises me. He insists to be my husband's #1 relationship and does not allow me to join in on family conversations. He is verbally abusive to me. My mother in law came to stay with us for 2 months. They spoke about me often in their language when I was in the room in a horrible way. She not only condoned his behavior, but she turned into a wild hyena and screamed at me to get out of my own home. My husband backed her up. I came back but I don't know what to do.

i left my husband because of my mother in law!

i'm almost four months pregnant and have left my in laws home and moved back in with my parents. i could not stand my mother in law anymore. she made my life hell. she gave me tremendous stress since i have been pregnant, and its been affecting my health.

and to make matters worse, my husband does not stand up for me. he does not understand what i went through. he and his mother have an emotional incest type relationship, so naturally i cannot win with her.

i have asked my husband to rent a place for us, but he claims he can do this only after three months or so. he is not happy that i'm away. i dont know what step he is going to take now regarding our marriage. i'm ready to divorce him if he doesnt change.

i'm really heart broken and lost and angry. i dont know what to do anymore. i'm tired of his family dictating my life, and will dictate my child too if i live with them.

My mother in laws dog attacked my 18 month old daughter. My husband and I asked her to cage the dog or put it away. She refused so we said we don't feel comfortable having our daughter near the dog so the inlaws could visit our daughter anywhere away from the dog. She then started a hate campaign on Facebook against my husband and I. She started harassing us at work so we contacted the police and had them advise her to stop. She retaliated by calling CAS and making a false claim. They came over and said we have a lovely home and a beautiful daughter. We have not talked to the inlays since. They have not seen my daughter since March 2013 the night the dig attacked my daughter.

I met my bf 2 years ago. We were set up on a blind date. I was 38, he was 47. After a short time, we fell in love and I moved in with him. At the time, his brother and SIL lived with him, but moved out a couple months later to their own apartment. We were alone for 6 months when his mother came back to live with him (when I met him, she was living with her daughter 3 hours north of us). I didn't fully understand their family situation at first, but his mother has (for the most part) always lived with my bf or her daughter. They are definitely a family that is very much involved in each others' business. Before she moved back in with him (and me), she came to visit to meet me. I was making dinner for everyone, and MIL comments &quot;Well aren't you a little Suzy homemaker&quot;. I smiled and just commented back how much I enjoy cooking for others. I didn't know her at all, so I didn't know to pick up on the condescending tone that was obviously there. Shortly after she moved in, comments started. I'll list them so it's easier to read:

1. She and I would go to the laundromat together, and she would tell me how SHE did his laundry...not drying his pajama bottoms because they'll shrink, adding the laundry soap after the water has begun running into the front loader to prevent discoloration on the clothes etc.
2. She will not let me wash dishes at night after dinner. I tried and she would say &quot;it'll give me something to do tomorrow.&quot; I explained that I don't mind and I like to take part, too. I was by the sink getting ready to do them, when she annoyingly sighed after this exchange and then bf said to me &quot;Let mom do them&quot;. I left the room crying and very frustrated.
3. We leave the house very early - before 6am. He sometimes forgets to bring things with him (like we all do)...a snack, beverage, whatever so she told me that it would be helpful if I reminded him because he forgets things. She also told me that it would probably be best to make our lunches the night before so that I'm not running late in the morning.
4. One hot summer day, he and I got home and she didn't have any windows open. We didn't have an A/C at the time. She commented that there wasn't a breeze anyway. I opened a window anyway, and sure enough there was enough of a breeze to help the hot staleness. She didn't talk to me for several days after that. When we did get an A/C, we had it on one night and I woke up and it was freezing so I turned it off. She commented the next morning to bf about how hot she got because I turned it off. This past summer, we got home and it was 80 in the house and she didn't have the A/C on, so I turned it on and she got annoyed. In the colder days, it's also a battle to use the heater. We live in a small house and have a propane wall unit that doesn't have a thermostat so we have to turn it on when it gets chilly. She never wants it on and it will be low 60's in the house! Soooo....she wants it warm in the summer and cold in the winter?? I feel like it's more a matter of control than it is the temperature.
5. Our dog is sick right now with mammary cancer. Her tumor is bleeding as we try to aggressively treat it naturally so we have to keep it covered. She will chew the bandage off if given the opportunity so we bought the cone to use on her. I can tell that MIL doesn't want to use it on the dog because every time we would talk about it before I bought it, she wouldn't say a word. Granted, I hate them too, but this is an extreme situation and I keep saying that we can't be held hostage in the house because the dog can't be left alone. So, we have the cone and bf and I have put it on her a couple times to get her used to it. Last night, we had the dog in our room with the cone on and I had to go into the living room for something and I told MIL &quot;Lady's doing well with the cone on. She's relaxing and even eating some treats.&quot; I was trying to reassure her. She said nothing to me. When I was walking away she makes a noise &quot;Hmmmm.&quot; That's it.
6. MIL wants to do everything. Take care of the house, go grocery shopping. I can't even look in a cupboard for something without her asking &quot;What are you looking for?&quot; Because she wants to tell me where it is. When I answer, she'll get up to come get it and I'll say &quot;That's not necessary, I can get it.&quot; I feel like she's more controlling than truly wanting to help. We bought a new vacuum cleaner and she comments to bf and me at dinner &quot;Now it'll be easier for Colleen to clean your bedroom with the new vacuum.&quot; As if that's the only room I need to be concerned about because she'll take care of the rest.

She's also a very moody person. We'll get home some nights and she's just miserable. I'm a much more optimistic, positive person and her energy drags me right down and I immediately get bummed out and feel kinda crappy. I have talked to bf about it, but there's not a whole lot that can be done. I've researched a ton online, and I'm trying to make comments and stand up for myself when a situation arrives. It's not easy for me because I dislike confrontation and will often put my own needs aside to maintain peace, but I'm trying to change that.

I feel like MIL lived in the house before I ever did, so it's &quot;her&quot; house and will never be mine. We are going to buy a new house in about 3-4 years, but I'm already stressing about having to stand up to her about how I want things done / decorated. I'm not sure I'll ever truly be the woman of the house. She buys a lot of things for the house and makes comments making me believe that she does so, so she can dictate how they are used. She bought a grill, and bought a pan to go on the grill for foods that might slip through the grate (or so I thought). I was grilling hamburgers and didn't want to use the pan. She commented &quot;That's what we bought it for. We shouldn't have bought it if you weren't going to use it.&quot; I like to have food directly on the grill dammit! I can understand using the pan for hotdogs etc. Then she also made comments about how dirty the grill is getting...insinuating that by not using the pan I'm letting drippings get all over the inside. Isn't that what's supposed to happen with a grill??

Okay, I'll stop for now. Breathe.....

Good GOD help me find love and patience for this evil vile woman and please help her be less crazy and childish. Ok so I was in the bathroom when I heard my phone ring but I finish my business. Before I am done washing my hands this crazed obsessive woman texts me. I read it, it says, &quot; I got my patches and from now on when you guys call I won't pick up. So I text her that my husband is still at the gym and I was in the bathroom when she called, I'm sorry I could not make it in time to the phone but I am texting her back now. (Please kindly correct me if my handling of this was wrong and offer kind suggestions but anyway ladies.) She texts my phone probably thinking that my husband was texting her, she says, &quot;Your wife is so nasty, my message was for you.&quot; I read it and my mind flares up in anger and I compose myself to be able to speak to her calmly without exploding. I call her and calmly tell her like it is (I am so done with her self appointed high horse, I refuse to grovel and let her walk all over me). I said, &quot;Mrs. Adams (real names will not be used just in case she reads confessions to try to find ways to be the worst mother in law possible) I was not trying to be nasty but was simply stating the truth and also, my husband is still at the gym and I am home by myself right now. Then this crazy woman goes to say, &quot;You know what?! That message wasn't for you!&quot; Still keeping calm I respond repressing my anger and utter disbelief that a grown 50 something year old woman could be so petty, &quot; But it's my phone, you called my phone and texted my phone.&quot; Then she angrily says, &quot; You know what?!&quot;.....*short pause* She then abruptly hangs up on me instead of trying to talk things out calmly like adults. My husband and I have been married for 2 and 1/2 years known each other in total for about 5 years and slowly her crazy is starting to show and day by day it gets WORSE not better. She is extremely petty and childish. She never admits that she is wrong and whatever my husband or I do for her she is not appreciative of and sometimes forgets it all together. She over exaggerates and constantly takes things ANYONE says the wrong way. She is a woman that if she doesn't like someone she wants everyone in her circle to hate them too. Dear God I pray and pray and pray hoping you will answer. We need me find patience and love for this crazy woman.

Hi there. I don't even know where to begin. I guess at the beginning? I've been with my husband for over 10 years and we have two children together. My in-laws took an instant dislike to me, even before they met me. We've done various stages of cut-off with them over the years, which have always been successful in getting them to behave better. We used to live much further away from them, so back then it was easy to just not pick up the phone...

We made the sorry mistake of moving in temporarily with them when we moved to their country (yes, you read that right). Things had been somewhat on the improve when we made this plan....and so was the economy here. We seemed to arrive as the economy tanked (we had been planning this for 2 years, sold our house and gave away/threw out/sold 99% of our possessions before we moved). What we also did not realize is that my BIL would be living here. We (incorrectly) assumed that since he's away at college, he know....stay there (until the xmas break). We didn't realize that because BIL needs his butt wiped every other weekend by his mummy and daddy, it would mean we would then be 7 people living under one roof.

Seven people under one roof might not be so bad if 2 of those people weren't ignorant. My BIL and his daddy are good ol' boy drinking buddies who feel BIL should never be spoken to for his rude behaviors (I guess I missed the memo that BIL's poo doesn't stink, that he's god's gift to the world and that he should be encouraged and clapped on the back for his cruel and rude behaviors).

Well, you can see the writing on the wall here. I finally had enough of BIL's ignorant behavior, and I finally snapped and told him I didn't appreciate it, didn't want to hear his mouth, etc. Well, daddy dearest came to baby boo-boo's rescue and said that he's taking a side, and that &quot;OBVIOUSLY&quot; (his stressed word, which he used twice for emphasis) he's going to take BIL's side (without even knowing any of the facts leading up to this because, and I know this sounds strange, but I don't go running and whining to my MIL and FIL every time BIL steps out of line (mainly because I'd be running to them constantly lol...and also because I believe 2 people can sort out their own differences - and also because I knew my side would never be respected anyway.)

Well, you can imagine it's made things incredibly tense here in this house. Hubby is still desperately looking for work an hour away from this one-horse town, but as I mentioned the economy has tanked and unemployment is high, so he's competing with lots of other people out there looking for work.

Now we're stuck in a very uncomfortable position, and I've finally lost my ability to suffer in silence, so we're all at a bit of an impasse. I've tried just hiding in my room and not speaking to anyone, but they come bother me in here wanting to hash it out again, and frankly I just want everyone to leave me alone and just let us try to move on in peace (if the darned phone would hurry up and ring with a job offer).

My husband is a very gentle soul. He has spoken in my defense, but his opinion is never respected around here...little baby boo-boo is the only one who gets anyone to listen to him, and naturally they're too busy wiping his butt and clapping him on the back to realize they've created a monster who, at 30 years old, should by now be a decent human being who is capable of treating people decently. BIL's been cheered on by his heavy-drinking father (FIL) because he's also a fan of his drink, he's a womanizer, and an athletic guy (everything that my husband is NOT).

I'm at my wits end, nearly ready to find some kind of crisis center so the kids and I don't have to deal with the crud that goes on in this house...but that would really hurt my husband, and so I've held off on that option. We're exploring every option for housing (even house sitting), but nothing has yet panned out (at least, nothing we can afford without a job). My husband does have unemployment money coming in (this country actually takes care of its unemployed folk to some degree), but it is not enough to pay for an apartment. There is housing and rent assistance, but the gears grind slowly on that front, and we're likely to be another several weeks waiting for that to work out (but yes, we are applying for it, especially now that tensions have risen so high).

I'm just - lost. I'm in a strange country living under the roof of people who never really liked me in the first place, and tensions are very high in our home. I'm having some trouble adapting 100% to the climate and social differences as it is, without their crud adding on to it. Hindsight being 20/20, we would have made other choices in our move if we had known the BIL was going to be here so much...but, here we are.

Just needed a safe place to vent. Clearly, it's not safe to vent here in this house (except to my poor, long-suffering husband, whose heart is breaking over all of this)


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I been with my husband for 3 years married, my mother in-law lives in hawaii and comes to visit in illinois were me and my husband live. when she comes to visit she stays in her own apartment building in which she owns. but now she wants to stay in my house when she comes to visit ..... which is for 3 weeks to 6 months. i already dont get along with her and i don\\\'t want her to stay in my house. im fighting with my husband bc my husband doesnt see a problem with his mother staying with us when she comes to visit. its my house and i don\\\'t feel comfortable with her staying in my house for weeks . i already dont get along with her and im extremly stressed out , im crying every night please help me... my husband says he will divorce me if i dont let his mother stay with us when she visits, i dont want her in same house as me as she is controlling, and makes me cry, . please help me what do i do?


So my husband and I got married young for our generation. I am from another country, another culture. My husband is white Italian, I am Indian from the Carribean. We dated a year and a half and he respected me enough knowing back then I was religious and wanted to wait for marriage. He waited until our wedding night. However, rewind to when we got engaged. His mother told him to live with me first and test the waters sexually to see if he likes it before commiting to me. She went as far as going to my church and talking to our NEW Pastor at the time. Lied at said at the age of 20 I was drinking and partying with my friend\\\'s. Which was a lie. I entered competitions for preaching and singing since age 12 to get scholarships to go to college. I could have gotten a full scholarship, just needed the Pastor to sign and recommend me...instead through her talking to him, he wouldn\\\'t do it and I basically lost my scholarships and all the hard work I put into it. She didn\\\'t care, all she cared about was breaking up her son and I.
We went through with our marriage at the age of 21 and he was 20. For his age, he was extremely mature and hard working, for our generation to find someone like that is a gift.
After we got married, I got pregnant 6 months later and was so sick I had to be hospitalized numerous times. We ended up having to move in with my in laws since I couldn\\\'t work and almost lost my life in the process. My mother in law said my pregnancy was to trap her son and said the baby was a huge mistake. The entire pregnancy while I was sick, she was encouraging her son to cheat. She said to him \\\'\\\'just because you are on a diet doesn\\\'t mean you can\\\'t sample what\\\'s on the menu\\\&quot;. Her way of saying just because you are married doesn\\\'t mean you can\\\'t cheat.
Fast forward 5years of marriage, 2 babies (their only grandbabies since my sister in law doesn\\\'t want kids). Five years of continuous strife with them, stalking, even at times his mother pushed me. Lies, false accusations. We ended up staying with them over the summer time until we found a bigger apt and they started teaching our 3year old to call my MIL \\\&quot;white grandma\\\&quot; and my mother \\\&quot;brown grandma\\\&quot; She and another family member told my child, at my own bday party, \\\&quot;mommy has a green face\\\&quot; \\\&quot;mommy doesn\\\'t love you\\\&quot; \\\'\\\'brown grand doesn\\\'t love you\\\&quot; \\\&quot;white grandma doesn\\\'t want baby brother because he is brown like mommy\\\&quot;...amongst other very nasty things. I got into a huge arguement with them and we ended up moving out to stay at my moms, they believe that the last 6 weeks that my husband and I are getting a divorce. They have even bribed him with money, bought stuff for his \\\'\\\'apt\\\'\\\', written numerous letters and texts as to why I shouldn\\\'t have my children and why THEY should have custody and I should not have my children in my life. His mother even made a police report with false information about me. They are encouraging my husband to \\\'\\\'live it up\\\'\\\' with a girl from his culture.
At this point, I am fed up with them and I could care less if they even see us ever again. They will be in for a rude awakening when they find out we are still happily married. My husband and I are best friends and we adore our children! They are happy healthy kids who mean the world!

Hi Ladies! We\'re Baaaaccckkkkkk! Or Almost Back:) was launched back in 2001 as the go-to place where women from around the world came to share their mother-in-law stories , get and give advice and so forth. Years later, we rebranded as the daughter-in-law society, Fast forward to 2015 , and we are launching the mother-in-law APP for iphone and Droid that will allow you to scream\&quot;type\&quot; away your mother-in-law frustration even if you are sitting right in front of you. Pretty cool right? Your Daughter-in-law sisterhood will be virtually there for you at any given moment. Register for the site here and you will be notified when the app is launched:)

My mother in law is the most selfish, manipulative piece of work I\'ve ever met. She does not want any of her 4 kids to be married. She is pissed whenever they get married. She just wants them all to herself forever. She does not like me because I am a different religion than her. Even though they are similar and both christian. She hangs up the phone on my husband if he is not telling her everything she wants to hear or if she doesn\'t get her way. She didn\'t show up to our son\'s birthday party because she was mad at us. She threatened not to come to our wedding because it was in my church. Also, when she did show up she wore black. She told the rest of the family how often my husband and I have sex (which my husband had told her). We live in a small town so I was furious when this got back to me at work. A coworker knew how often we do that. I am sick of my husband not nipping this in the bud. She drives him nuts also, he is just so afraid of her. He is afraid to come to church with me because he said he\'s afraid someone in town will tell her they saw him there with me. We don\'t ask her to babysit anymore cuz she hangs it over our head. When I was pregnant she wouldn\'t say hello back to my husband because we were not doctoring at the clinic that she wanted us to.

My name is Donna. My boyfriend (Derek) and I have a 1 year old daughter. She was unplanned. He\'s 25 and i\'m 29. Him and I both are living with my parents because we both have low income jobs. He works full time making $10/hour, I work full time making $14/hour.

My boyfriend and I are not married. Probably because of his mother. His mother is very annoying to me. Her name is Kimberly.

Kimberly does not have a good marriage with her husband (Rick). Her husband drinks and her other son (Brendan) smokes weed. Brendan is 19 years old and he gets spoiled by his parents. He doesn\'t have a job and still depends on his mom to take care of him.

When Derek told his parents that I\'m pregnant and that we needed their support, his mother was like \&quot;you\'re on your own.\&quot; Basically, his parents did not want to help him find a better job or help him go back to school or help him out in any way. And Derek has a low income job, he cannot support his me and my daughter on his own. And so i have no choice but to work full time and put my daughter into daycare.

When I gave birth to my daughter, I had this bad feeling about Kimberly. My motherly instincts tells me not to trust this lady. I barely knew this lady. And Kimberly just got all excited and was impatient about bringing my daughter back to her house. And I told my boyfriend that I was not ready for that. He did not defend me. He was only thinking about his mother\'s wants. He did not realize how uncomfortable that would make me feel. And I hated him for that. And i hated his mother for that as well. She did not think twice before taking my daughter away from me, and she was only 1 month old and I was breastfeeding.

Kimberly tried to make up excuses to get me to let her have the baby at her house. But I was uncomfortable about it. Especially the fact that my boyfriend and I are struggling financially to support our own daughter and his parents do not want to help him out. And I had to financially support my own kid more than my boyfriend because i make more and i work full time. I wish i didn\'t had to work so that I can be with my daughter more. I did not want my daughter to be raised by Kimberly. I was uncomfortable about that.

Derek needs to stop being a mama\'s boy. And Kimberly needs to back off! it\'s not her kid although she thinks it is. Derek should have defend me against his mother.

I have a feeling that Kimberly only cares about herself and her grandchild. She doesn\'t care if me and Derek do not work out. She doesn\'t care if our relationship is unhappy. Kimberly recently told her son, \&quot;why do you stay with such a bitch!\&quot; all because she couldn\'t get what she wants which is doing whatever she wants with my daughter and taking advantage of the opportunity. I do not respect this woman who does not respect my wishes and does not respect my boundaries!

My boyfriend needs to stop being a <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> or a whimp towards his mother. I see that his mother suffers from depression and is negative and puts her son down all the time. She\'s not emotionally supportive towards her son because she\'s not getting what she wants. Derek has problems confronting his mother and standing up to her. His mother threatens him that if she doesn\'t get what she wants which is to see my daughter whenever she wants, she would not give him his pain medicine for his back.

And I ask Derek, \&quot;Why do you continue putting up with your mom?\&quot; I don\'t understand.

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