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My MIl has done more than her fair share. Latest topped the cake and my husband still speaks to her as if nothing's wrong just won't let her keep the kids again. Here it is:

We let our kids stay with her for 3 days (one full day) bc we were getting away for the weekend. One of my toddlers (unable to communicate well at the time bc of age) took abt an 8ft free fall off of something. MIL did not tell us or take her to the doctor. On Sunday my DD cried when I Picked her up so I took her to the Dr. Bc she was obviously in pain. My MIL then tells me a lie on what happened to my child(dr said no way she's telling the truth). Dr got CPS involved so we could find out real story (which was that she fell & It took 2 weeks to pry that out of her) ... meanwhile child had cracked skull (no bleeding on the brain though) broken collar bone, and busted ear drum from fall. We checked on the kids all weekend and she never told us anything. She didn't even act normal abt it bc she is sooo crazy!!! I come from a very normal family who would have rushed to the ER if my child were to have even fell off the bed, unfortunately my husband doesn't. Thoughts, on how you would have reacted in my position!? Please!

Didn't tell you when it happened? Didn't take her to the ER? Lied, and lied some more? I'd be in jail for what I'd do to way I'd let her back in my life. She should be in jail for this!!

Kimmy commented 2 years ago

I can't belive this, she is out of her mind ! I really feel bad for you, I hope the little ones are okay now, and your husband should wake up .

Sammi commented 2 years ago

She isn't crazy, she's MEAN. As for this being "unintentional" neglect I doubt it. I don't know what your husband's deal is other than maybe he grew up with this woman's cruelty and like many abused people, doesn't recognize or understand it for what it really is. She would need a bodyguard if this was my child. I MEAN IT. Please don't accept this as an example of her MIL "nuttiness". If you and your husband don't feel that it would be appropriate to confront her, then please don't ever leave your kids with her. EVER. She is mean and sneaky and probably a criminal. Sorry for sounding harsh just concerned for your child.

alice commented 2 years ago

Hi, I am a producer for a nationally syndicated talk show. We are doing a show about in-laws who are divided and would be willing to hear some empowering advice on how to bring the family together. I'd love to talk to you about it. If you'd like to know more, please message me at

Anonymous commented 2 years ago

Personally, there is no way, no circumstance, that I would even be civil to someone who did the things that you stated. Not even if it were my own mother.

Llama commented 2 years ago

Can CPS prosecute her? Mil neglected your child and then failed to get your child much needed medical care. She needs to be made criminally responsible for her actions.
I would also arrange for marriage counselling as your husband seriously has his priorities totally messed up. She neglected his child allowing severe injuries to occur, lied and allowed your child to suffer in pain without taking her to the hospital. He should be cutting her off not defending her. Just bizarre behaviour.

Opal commented 2 years ago

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