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So my mil is normally ok. We live with them as we are saving for a house. Fil hates (and I mean: hates and goes on long winded tangents) about not being picky with food and you absolutely should not ever throw anything away much less make a different meal for anyone.
I've taken over the cooking because mil "works" as does everyone else, I'm a sahm. I prepare meals that can be cooked whilst I deal with my sons bedtime routine so that once he is asleep, we can eat.
Fil has now decided he is not eating anything I make (for no actual reason he just turns his nose up at every suggestion) and instead is demanding I make him something different every night. If I refuse mil makes it, leaving me with loads of washing up....
Today was the clincher. I bought fils favourite meal, prepared it and was about to start cooking it, when mil rings and says "8pm is too late for dinner. We need to eat before that." And instead she went to the supermarket and returned with processed fish fingers, processed peas and smiley faces!! (I was cooking a chicken with vegetables and boiled new potatoes)
Well it's not 7:30pm and so far no food has materialised from the kitchen. I think mil expects me to cook it for her, but I'm continuing with my original recipe. After all, if 8pm is too late to eat, she and fil should have sorted themselves out sooner, right?

Hi there,
I am a producer for a nationally syndicated talk show. We are working on a show about in-laws who are divided and would be willing to hear some empowering advice on how to bring the family together. I'd love to talk to you about it. If you'd like to know more, please message me at

Erin commented 2 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!