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Daughters in Law... don’t suffer in silence!

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I cannot get over my MIL. I just need to let it OUT! We've been married for almost 4 years now and my tongue is bleeding because of how much I bite it! I have really been trying my best to be positive and not read into things and be the better person but in order to do that I just have to get it all out. My MIL has three kids all boys my husband being the oldest. She puts us last in EVERYTHING. We have one child and one on the way. She never asks us when we would like to do get together for holidays etc. They don't give us more than 10 min notice to do family suppers. She expects us to go above and beyond for the other boys (the middle one has one child as well) to watch our niece but our child gets shoved behind. Example... Our son is under the age of 3 and she volunteered to watch him on a day she didn't have to work so we said yes and we would like it to be an all day thing so we could clean and get things done before the new baby which is due in a few months. She agreed. Well this morning came and we called, texted, and even stopped by her house to drop off our child and she didn't answer, and was not home. She didn't answer until the afternoon and said she decided that she needed to go out of town for an oil change and wanted to mow first (112 heat index) and then she requested we watch our niece until about midnight Saturday night so she and everyone else can stay late at a wedding for people she barley knows. Now she said going to be able to watch him until 1 so we gritted our teeth and accepted. well it is now almost 3 and still no more updates, no help no nothing after we made plans to be productive. This is not the first time. The other times (yes multiple) we asked if she could watch our child after I was done working so we could go have a mini date night and she agreed which really was just needing 3 hours or so to have a meal and time to reconnect so we went to a restaurant which was about 30 min away. Both times during our meal like 15 min she calls and requests that we come get our child so she can go to town to watch the other grandchild but we would have to be there ASAP because they wanted to go out drinking. I feel like she just favors this other child and its sad because our niece is a sweet girl and I don't want to associate anything negative because of someone else. She agreed to our request first so I don't understand it. It doesn't make sense to me that you would put one child over another when on top of it I'm super pregnant and my husband just had surgery and so I have to take care of him as well then add all that on and expect us to bend over backwards but no respect or consideration in return. *UGH

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!