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AHHH my MIL is driving me NUTS! My BILs both make over 6 figures no joke and she still buys them groceries! Us? over here not as nearly as well off as they are get nothing unless its expired. no I mean literally that's what she decides to just drop off at our house un announced on our front porch. Plus she pays for all of their vehicle expenses I mean EVERYTHING even schedules their Dr appointments (both BILs are over the age of 25) :(

Hi producer for a TV show....I used to work in television distribution, we NEVER EVER WANT TO RECONCILE. This type of MIL is really from reconciliation, no Dr. Phil, we worked too hard to get rid of these parasites in our life.

rob commented 2 years ago

I am a Daughter in Law of a Mother In Law from Hell for over 32 years now. This Narcissitic woman & one of her daughters (6 kids), have been harassing us for the past year after we STOPPED all contact with them all after I nearly died (I am in my 60's this MIL from Hell is in her 90's) & they were obviously happy about it or at least, my brushes (more than one) with death didn't matter at all, not even a get well card, etc. She would never listen fact, 27 years ago when my own dear Mom died, this MONSTER who knew about Mom... invited herself to town & everyone they could fit in their car...not to be of any comfort or to watch our kids who were both in diapers at the time....NOPE, it was because she decided that I should cook, clean & feed that entire hillbilly brood of hers (another long story that is pretty sick) as it was my father in laws birthday & mother's day, so we needed to do all this stuff for them to show OUR RESPECT for THEM... that we were in no position to do as my Mom nearly wound up in our living room (due to her last days circumstances as there was a Nurse's strike at the time...lots of stress...had to quit my job, etc.. We consider this woman an husband has some very sick memories about things she did to him as a child. The bath was one (EWWWWWW) I can't even talk about is too graphic & disgusting... still it is so gross) & another time, he was hit by a car & instead of taking him to a doctor she put him to bed!!!!!!...he has lifelong problems from these types of things. MY first clue was when she invited themselves to town where we lived & expected me to feed & put them all up, when all I wanted to do was to be with my dying Mom up the street in hospital....She died 10 days after that visit....I got a card that said "sorry for your loss"....When my Father died...nothing was said or sent. They NOW expect that after ALL the years of disrespect that go back so many years ago & again, last year, when I almost died....they expect they should be treated like gold??? because they are old which is the same excuse they've been using since the 1980's

I can tell you...., that if you get people to call you on your 62nd birthday to order you to go get a card and "MAKE" your husband or wife sign it to please a MONSTER MOTHER from HELL...sorry, it will have to be in another lifetime as I am also disabled (they don't believe it either) & have been for the past 28 years. They lie with every breath & so I think they think that lying is normal....& it's not, especially when one lies about having cancer & only 3 months to let me think...this Monster who is 92 now should have been dispatched according to the timing of that info... months ago but....must have had a miracle lol. I found out that it was not the deadly type of skin cancer & should have been visable to all who looks at the ugly old mil's mug/face for about a year prior to this "3 months to live lie". If we would have fallen for that....they would have tried to use that to milk my husband dry of $$....she needs the money to get the surgery, etc..lies & more lies....just like last year when the sister in law tried to get $2,000 for this old biddy's dentures (I need dental work too)! She thinks she can just make us cough it up even though we have our own medical expenses!!! If he had coughed up any of it, she would be going in for more & more.... just like the deal with the car they "overspent" on that his brother kept when no one told him it was paid off.....This is they type of junk that goes on & so, after all is said an done, my DOCTORS ORDERS are that we are not to have any contact with them, per two doctors. Last year it tuned out I had to have an emergency heart surgery to remove a clog, our 23 year old cat got ill & had to be put down, then the 16 year old ... between my hospital stays, I've lost so much weight, etc....& that old liar & her clone, my sister in law have nothing better to do than make up lies about cancer to get money out of us, etc...can't believe a word they say...MIL didn't get her treatable type of cancer treated when she knew it should have been & suddenly, it's our responsitibity that she no longer wants to live because I won't send her a card & make her son sign it....oh please....the harassing calls that we don't answer continue. We donate any money this crazy MIL sends like last week for example. Anyone have any ideas more than what we are doing (not talking or any direct contact) to avoid these nutballs that have plans for us that we don't have?? Currently...over a year after the last contact with any of them....they are still hounding my husband with calls (the MIL & sister in law)...then they hang up. Recently this crazy MIL who we asked to NOT to send us money...sil asks for $$ for them anyway, (they are poor because MIL has a big spending problem as well as tithed it all away to her cult)...sent us $40...the $20, we returned with a note over a year ago & another $20, supposedly for our 32nd anniversary after last years request to NOT send $. Well, I'd been in the hospital on our 30th & 31st anniversaries...My husband asked me back then...thinking along the lines of "voodoo"...who do you know who hates you?...without skipping a beat....I thought this monster mother from hell! She developed cancer on her face (the type that can be treated if in time) & REFUSED to get treatment unless I got a card & made my husband sign it!!! I was ordered to do this several times, including on my 62nd birthday...(I am disabled & have been quite ill). They are still waiting for that card & will be waiting forever. So...this $40 mailed us (voodoo money)....we dare not send back, we dare not spend it either. We found a splendid place, a local children's charity/a children's, if this crazy sends any more money trying to get any response, we will send it to the kids home & they can mail them a receipt for their taxes. :) Hope my father in law (who never knew my name or refused to say it for all the years he called doesn't find out, he will blow a gasket)....he's 97 now & can't hear, but that doesn't explain the first 30 plus years he didn't know my name....his daughters were getting married so many times that I am sure that confused the old coot. MIL is STILL trying, we are still in hiding & hope they all wrack their little brains when they get a receipt for this $40 that MIL seems to think we have to have. What she wrote on the card was a total calculated lie....that's the norm. She had 6 kids & raised 3 of the oldest's who had a mental breakdown (I wonder why)....most all the girls...married at least 4 times & more & I guess she had "OTHER PLANS" for my husband because he's only been married once, to me. In her religious cult, since he was the youngest boy...& only the males can hold title in their cult...she was going to bask in the glory of her son's accomplishments in her, he bolted & left the state to get out of forfulling her dreams at age 19... She had him all set to go on some sort of nutty mission & I met him when he was 22 well after he left their state. She also had us stalked by her cult for the first 12 years of our marriage, until she had them send my husband an invitation to a singles Halloween party given by local members of her religious cult. I tried to be nice, all along, but they couldn't spell my name after 22 only has 5 letters!!! Of course it was on purpose....Anyway, if this continues...I only worry that this MONSTER MIL will die (she is old) & haunt us because indeed, this woman could haunt a house!!! To date, the calls keep coming, but I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they get the receipt for the $40 that she just figures we "HAVE TO SEND" a thank you for (otherwise I will be called a rude, etc.)....heck, she never found out if I survived after last's better that they have stopped leaving me nasty messages but they get together & have "calling parties" it would appear to harass my husband. No wonder the Nephew (the son of this sister in law involved) got his Master's Degree in.......YEP......Psychology :):):) I hope the niece this wacko raised who is in her early 30's & already on husband #4 has recovered enough from her alcoholism so that she won't try & cut off her head & hands again!!!....yep...& the sister in law from hell took pictures & sent them to family members....sick enough for you all yet??? Terrible stuff people....don't allow yourself to be subjected to this type of abuse. WEll, my SIL is the new MIL in the making....I can tell the baton has been passed...Then again, people like this live long past what's normal. All the hellfire & brimstone my MIL preached....guess what....she's the DEVIL herself :) Indeed. MY advise to you all in the early years of this TOXIC inlaw situation....get out, get out as soon as you can...find a reason, move at least a state away, (a galaxy isn't far away enough). If all else fails, find clever ways to circumvent "enabling" such types of freakish rude & down right ugly behavior. I am saving the message on my phone in case we have to get a "no contact" order on these old people with beating this old dead horse. The old saying applies here..."don't shoot the messenger", she did, & she can spend the rest of her life trying to get a signed card out of us for that 1 day of my own dear Mother's life she took away from me over 26 years ago....what goes around, comes around if you live long enough.!! She wasn't invited to our wedding (another story) & none of that entire family (even the 1 person we would have liked to come, oh well) were invited to our son's wedding as they would have done something to 'try" to ruin it like they did our daughter's high school graduation. They are the only people I've ever met that invite themselves to town & when you go out of your way to accommodate them, they don't show up at all...MIL never even got on the plane...glad we didn't pay for that ticket ...terrible stuff.

Rob commented 2 years ago

I am a producer for a nationally syndicated talk show. We are doing a show about in-laws who are divided and would be willing to hear some empowering advice on how to bring the family together. I'd love to talk to you about it. If you'd like to know more, please message me at

Anonymous commented 2 years ago

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