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My father in law needs a punch I swear. They've been away for the weekend, so whilst they were gone I took the opportunity to do up my sons bedroom, sort and tidy the living room toys and do the kitchen.
They're home today and now he's going bananas telling me to tidy stuff up, put stuff away and fix stuff. Frankly he can swing for it. He's supposed to be working (he works from home) but isn't actually doing anything. He's "tidying" but actually just moving stuff to other piles which make the house more cluttered. Every single thing he has moved has been something of mine or my sons, he's not touched his massive pile of crap in the middle of the room......kill me or him!

Your excuses are bull and you know it. You can't afford not to move.

Meghan commented 2 years ago

Can't move out as there's no where to move to. We can't afford to rent or buy.
We are not a new couple. We have been married 3 years and have been together for 11 years.

Clara commented 2 years ago

If it is your house kick him out. If not you really need to leave and find your own place.

Tsim commented 2 years ago

Move out or these problems will continue. Move fast!!! Seriously, In laws cause so much trouble with new couples!!!

Dil commented 2 years ago

Tell him to stop touching your things and tidy his own mess up!

Anonymous commented 2 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!