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Hi new to this and looking for some advice as really on last straw!
Just got married 2 weeks ago and been with my husband 4 years! We have 2 lovely kids and very happy but his mother I can't stand!
She has always been very rude to me and always making comments about myself and my family! She is also very money oriented and that's all she talk about!
She was rude to me on my wedding about my dress and rude to my family!
My husband doesn't say anything and just says that's his mother!
I've bitten my tongue for the sake of him and the kids but don't know how much longer for x
Any advice please x

Do not put up with this for years like I did. If your husband does not stand up to her, and get her to respect you then get out. This is a miserable way to live. I put up with a disrespectful mother n law for 30 years, and I deeply regret staying.

Anonymous commented 2 years ago

Your husband is the one that needs to stand up for you. If he won't do it. You'd be better off leaving. Sorry:(

Meghan commented 2 years ago

You don't have to bite your tongue. You can 'disagree' with a smile on your face? People who focus on money often lack a loving romantic partnership and turn to possessions to fill the void. So gloat. 'Oh really you like that car? I'd rather spend the day in the park with [your son] than going around car showrooms' *laughed as if you just made a joke* this is a nuts tactic women use when they get a dig in and don't want a comeback leaving you feeling like you've just been slapped in the face! Get perfecting that fake laugh my lovely. Men can't see that it's a dig if it's said with a smile. If his mother raised it with him he'd say 'that was a joke!' Because that's what he would remember... The laughter. You married him not his mother. Make it known to the whole family that you are with him only as long as you WANT to be there... When you got married you didn't become their property. You owe them nothing. His mum sounds overbearing and like she leads an empty life? Make a list of the things you think she could be jealous of. Then you know what to flaunt in front of her. If you do it correctly it will be her avoiding you! Good luck

Violet commented 2 years ago

All I can say is, you don't deserve this! If he says this is the way his mother is then, she is a mean person and no one deserves this. This is no life to live. Tell him about your feelings and how it is hurting your family.

Anonymous commented 2 years ago

Mine is the same way and my boyfriend does nothing about it. When he wants to go over there I have him take out son with him but I stay away. I told him I refuse to go somewhere I'm not wanted. He never forces me to go and now we live 350 miles away from her finally. Just distance yourself and maybe she'll come around. Mine did now that we are so far away

Marina commented 2 years ago

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