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Daughters in Law... don’t suffer in silence!

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Oh gosh where to even begin.............. My MIL is super passive aggressive and I strongly suspect going through major menopause and in denial about it as she does the stupidest things with no common sense whatsoever and is stuck-up to boot!
We have been stuck living with them for over 5 years now saving for a house and its destroying me mentally, emotionally and even physically we have both gained so much weight due to stress and frustration eating as we can't vent our feelings. My anxiety is through the roof!
I can hear her downstairs right now stomping and slamming everything around in her latest tantrum and I'm literally cowering in our room until hubby gets home too scared to come out (70% of my nights when hubby is home late are spent like this). So todays latest fiasco is due to the faulty range hood thats been broken for months (she buys shoes, clothes and random junk 3 days a week, they go overseas first class but they can't get a new range hood when the old is literally falling apart literally) anyway its held up by blue tack as FIL broke it ages ago and today it had fallen off a little again so i tried to fix it and it feel off more so I tried to fix it again (more bluetack) and it exploded and sparked everywhere scaring the bejeezers out of me (can hear her on phone right now complaining about me). Never mind that it could have killed or seriously injured me she stomps home in a strop bigger then her normal everyday strop! Doesn't say a word to me or ask if I'm okay (i got hubby to text them about the range so they wouldn't touch it as its not safe). Stomps in and slams the glass back door open which i had just closed don't get me started on our door/blind fights she has no common sense its winter so I close the glass door and blinds when it gets dark to keep the heat in the only reason she tore it open was because it was me who closed it (she doesn't close blinds either on 40 degree super hot days to keep the house cool so stupid!). Anyway she did that had her usual stomp and sigh woe is me i have the most difficult life in the world show (she doesn't at all) and then went to turn the kettle on (she literally has 15 cups of tea/coffee a day then claims she has vertigo and is dizzy so can't go to work she never drinks water just tonnes of wine and coffee and is clearly dehydrated but what would we know hubby is just a nurse and I'm a food scientist what would we possibly know plus duh common sense) if she had just been civil and an adult and asked me I could have told her the powerpoints blew when the range exploded and i don't know how to fix them at the box. But no she just swore and had a massive fit downstairs and i ran into our room to hide.
You know what sorry I'm just so tired of all this its endless and i can't even get it all out the damage this woman has done and is doing to me is immeasurable and as its passive aggressive i have no method of defending myself or i will look like the crazy unstable one. There is so so so much more............... Raaaaaaarrrrgh!!!!

Currently in the same situation, stuck in the bedroom hearing the MIL complain about me as I am waiting for the hubby to get home. Move out day can not come any faster.

Alisha commented 2 years ago

To be honest... You did break her stuff.

Janelle commented 2 years ago

I know exactly how you feel I can relate to you do sent it feel like they do stupid on purpose maby for attention My mother in law lives with us her Man friend is a bum today I caught her taking meet out of my freezer to give to this man like it's hers to give away and our husbands they play dumb making excuses for their stupid mothers ll the time.

Dawnese commented 2 years ago

Any excuses you come up with are bullshit.

Meghan commented 2 years ago

Leave! Can you imagine what a nightmare she will be with your children? Don't say to your husband that your goal is in law abandonment just apply for jobs over an hour away... Or when you have saved for this house... Fall in love with one over an hour away! She's childish and narcissistic. Please look up narcissistic mothers. Women who are allowed to behave like this well into adult hood often have husbands who facilitate their behaviour. She adds no value to your emotional well being, albeit she is letting you stay in her home and no mother's dream is to have their grown children and spouse living with them. As a mother, believe me, we naively expect them to move out by age 21-25, we don't expect to add to or domestic setting. I think she may be taking this out on you. They seem to cling onto their youngest son however? They seem to not want to let him go but then treat you as if you are an inconvenience? Do you think they have attachment issues with their son? You and your mother in law sound to be very different people. You won't ever overcome such extreme differences in points of view. Best to cut your losses and run... Be that with her son, or without...

Violet commented 2 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!