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I'm the husband, my mother in law in a nut job. I can't believe my wife came from her and survived. There's so many issues but I'll list the worst.
1, on our wedding day told my wife our wedding was a "f$&king circus" because she didn't like my tie. Our wedding video is unwatchable as during our vows, she. And be heard telling her friend that I was only marrying her daughter for a visa (I'm Italian) & that it would be over in 6 months. During reception gets caught smoking pot in bathroom and then proceeds to yell that if anyone has a problem with it they can kiss her arse (Now married 6 years, together 9)
2, turns up unannounced 2 days after my wife has given birth to meet the baby, reeking of cigarettes and marijuana. Walks in with her new dog that proceeds to piss all through our house, then tells my wife she better clean that up as she can't cause she's got the baby. After 15 minutes, hands the baby back and says she's going shopping and we can look after her dog while she goes. The dog barks the entire time as my wife is trying to rest and whe MIL gets back, blames the barking on us for not carrying it around.
3, second child is born, again turns up unannounced at 8am 3 days after our son was born, walks in and tells my wife she better get dressed as she's invited the family around to meet the baby. Family turns up, mil then has the nerve to tell my wife to stop being rude and offer everyone a drink, I'm about to say something when my SIL pipes up and says "NO she's just had a baby, I will make drinks". MIL starts ranting to wife about sil calling her a stuck up cow. My wife walks away.
4, wife has a older son from a previous relationship that the MIL favours, Christmas comes, favourite grandson gets $150 gift card and toys, two younger grandsons get a $25 gift card each.
5, called my wife every name under sun because she got it in her head we were changing his last name. (She's paranoid and makes up scenarios in her head and then is convinced they are true,We weren't and never even considered it) disowned her, guilt tripped her (how could you do this to the family ect)
6, constant guilt trips and tantrums if she doesn't get what she wants how she wants it. My wife is now in therapy due to constant mental abuse growing up from this woman. But MIL takes no responsibility and acts like the worlds best mother ect.

I hope your wife finds the strength to cut her off. She is irredeemable.

Opal commented 2 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!