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I used to get along great with my mother in law until we had a baby. Ever since then I cannot stand her. It started when I was in the hospital and asked her for some time alone to work on breastfeeding with the lactation consultant and she threw a fit saying we were keeping her from her grandson. She refuses to come to our house to visit but yells at us if we dont come by every couple of days. And all she does when we do go is argues with us about how to take care of our son and complains my husband is a terrible son for not calling and seeing her every day. She tries to boss my mom around like shes one of her employees when it comes to taking care of my son even though my mom knows him much better and my mil is seriously jealous. She has very strong sometimes racist and homophobic opinions that she tries to push on others, telling me she will pay for my son to go to a private school so he isnt taught that it is ok for gays to marry. I want the woman out of my life, but i know it is unfair to my husband.

Amen, and I totally agree with the person before me. Wish someone had given me this advice 30 yrs ago.

ellen commented 2 years ago

Your child comes first and this woman should be nowhere near. Get her out of your lives now or her awful behaviour will hurt your baby in the future

Simple commented 2 years ago

I think you should get her out of your life as much as possible for your sons sake. What I'd he turns out to be gay, and this woman's homophobia causes him to commit suicide or live a miserable life repressing his sexuality?

Sara commented 2 years ago

You need some strong boundaries. You are under no obligation to follow the woman's orders. Your H needs to be on the same page. He is married to you and he is a father. His mother is extended family now. She won't stop until boundaries are set and maintained by both of you. How pathetic that she thinks a helpless little baby should get less attention than her. Be very careful and never leave her alone with your child. The more demanding she gets, the less stable she may become. Lower your contact with her and give her a timeout when she is poorly-behaved, each and every time. Let the phone go to voicemail, don't answer the door. Don't let her ruin this precious time. Enlist the help of your family in doing this, if you need to. She is dysfunctional and may harm your marriage and family life.

Nc commented 2 years ago

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