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My mother in law is a religious freak. Some of the things:
1.wouldnt allow husband to go to Walmart alone with me before we were married. He was 30.
2. Told me the spirit is Satan was inside me
3. When my daughter was 4 she told me she hated her
4. When we were trying to conceive she told me I was too fat to physically take care of a child. I was 5'9 and 230. Fat but not that fat.
5. Invited the other grandchildren over but not my daughter
6. Called me a slut on my wedding day
7. Had toy boxes for the grandchildren but not for my child
8. Refused to let my husband to see his dad when he was in the ICU. His dad died 2 days later
9. Spoke badly about me to my daughters piano teacher
10. Came to "visit" my church and talked bad about me to my fellow church members.
11. Talked my sister in law into getting together with my friends and she told them twisted versions of everything
12. Insulted me and then put me on speaker phone for other members of the family to hear my response. They never heard what she said to piss me off
13. Had people facebook stalk me

This is cruel and terrible behaviour from this awful toxic woman, not only to you but to a young child, it is bad enough what she has did to you but to single out and treat an innocent young child like this in her catalogue of abuse is inexcusable, my heart goes out to you, my advice is to cut this woman out you and your childs life immediately and keep it that way, what does your husband say in all this and does he back you up?if he does not then that does not say much for him, I would tell your husband that from now on you and your child will be having no more contact with her,permanently, if he does not like it, tough! I cannot see this situation being resolved any other way and it would be for the best as this is only going to cause you unecessary stress having this nasty person in your life, I hope you have the support of your husband in all this, would love to hear how you get on.

Donna commented 2 years ago

She should be cut off permenatly. Your kids don't need to have an evil person like that anywhere near them.

Opal commented 2 years ago

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