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Daughters in Law... don’t suffer in silence!

If you are looking for a place to find support, seek advice, laugh a bit, and maybe resolve your mother-in-law issues, look no further!
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My mother in law has systematically pushed everyone out of her life. When we met I felt bad for her as we both suffered from bipolar depression and originally thought she was misunderstood. I bent over backwards to try and get her help and counselling but it became clear as time went by that having a diagnosis for her was not something to deal with but an excuse to be as evil as she wanted with no consequences. She creates her own reality and believes that the lead singer of a band that she has never met is deeply in love with her and taking care of the man she has never even communicated with was more important than her own child. By the time I married my husband we were the only people talking to her as even her twin sister found her to be a parasitic organism. When my husband finally broke off all contact due to her increasingly bizarre lies (apparently we stole her house, yes, the entire thing) I was her only outlet for her ridiculous stories. I had to pick her up at the hospital repeatedly because of the number of broken bones or failing organs that she called an ambulance for. After the first six months they stopped even doing x-rays and would just give her a glass of water and tell her that they were calling me to pick her up. When I talked to her counsellor about what we could do to get her into housing where she would have more attention and maybe return to reality she accused me of trying to get rid of her. No matter how many times I suggested moving into anywhere she would have more contact with people she would always refuse despite me explaining it would be no further away than she was now she decided to refuse to talk to me. She closed the bank account I set up so that transferring her money every month when she ran out of money because she couldn't budget and then called to yell at me when I didn't keep her bank account from going negative. I told her I would help her budget but I wouldn't give her a blank check. That's when she finally decided to cut me off, thank god. My favorite part? When I got a call when she claimed I attacked her (after getting the VA to move her so that her evil daughter wouldn't control her by setting her up with free housekeeping and meals on wheels) I asked them to ask how I found out where she moved to and to contact the VA for her previous trips to the emergency rooms. The cops suggested that I have no contact with her, that was already the plan, and I was informed that she had informed the VA that I lied on our marriage license and that I was her daugher and my husband was her son in law. Fortunately as her lies have grown larger the number of people listening have gone down and my husband doesn't even know she is claiming I'm related to her. My revenge has been perfect. Pictures of her were replaced in our wedding album and it's been a year since we mentioned she existed. On mother's day my husband spent an hour talking to my mom about what a positive influence she has been in his life. I didn't think about her till I heard of this site. We did talk about it when he disowned his mother and I'm listed as her healthcare proxy and he has asked me to handle her burial without telling him. I promise it will be more than she deserves.

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!