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My evil MIL has been talking smack about me for 23 years. She spreads lies and causes drama for all 4 of her kids. She's 90 now and gets more and more evil every year, but she's recently just gone completely off the deep end. She tried to push her blind daughter down the stairs, but ended up falling herself because her daughter grabbed on to her and didn't let go. She's accused another daughter of being a thief and told lies about her family. Now she's moving on to me & my family.

I'm the (third) wife of the only son. The favored child... She tried for years to bully me. When that didn't work, she started telling lies to my DH & making up stories about things I'd supposedly said & done to her. Tried to get him back together with his last ex for years after we got married. I nearly divorced DH when he moved the MIL into my house when I was due to deliver both of our kids. When I'd specifically told him NOT to, that she was not welcome. She was not there to help.

Her recent craziness has now extended to trying to turn my own children against me with her lies and trash talk. She sends my daughter letters criticizing me & telling lies and encouraging her to avoid me and talk to MIL instead. DH agrees with me that she has gone too far and supports my decision to have no further contact with her and to prevent her from contacting our children as well. But he continues to make excuses for her and gives her an audience for her hate toward me. He'll never completely cut her off, but she's old and in poor health. She'll be gone soon. I plan to celebrate.

My husband sides with his evil mother against me

She tells him to hit me and he comes to me waving his hands like he is going to do it and I think he is scared because he knows I will hit back and when he can't do it , she pushed me and he saw that and Now he denies it happened and acts like it didn't

He still expects me to stay with her she is rude and doesn't acknowledge me

My husband has no boundaries he talks to her about our issues loudly for me to hear that they are talking about me and I feel unwelcomed and when I go to them and tell them I can hear them and can they please rather speak Portuguese as than I won't hear them as I don't understand he tells me that he is doing it on purpose cos he wants me to hear ...

I requested a divorce but he refuses to give me one and refuses to move out and get us our own place. It's truly abnormal and unbearable

Pls abvise

Desperate commented 1 year ago

I'd plan to celebrate, too! She sounds pretty evil! It's great your husband is finally on board (on some things). Stay strong!

ME commented 1 year ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!