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DH and I dated for a few years before we eloped. We invited our immediate families to the courthouse. My SIL scheduled service for her car on that day and in laws expected me to push off the elopement till the next day. DH & I looked at each other like they were insane, still eloped on the day we decided on. My parents came dressed nicely, my father even wore a new suit. In-laws wore jeans. This is how unimportant my marriage is to them. I lived on my own with DH moving into my apartment - MIL convinced us to give up the apartment and move into their house since it's just her and my FIL. Decided that would be a great option. BOY WAS I WRONG. From the time I broke my lease and moved the first box in MIL has been a nightmare. The first month was hell, everyday she would come into our bedroom and tell me that she wishes she never gave DH and I "permission to get married". She belittles DH and myself CONSTANTLY, insists that DH "puts me in my place". When I speak up, she ignores me and looks right through me. She always tells me how much my SIL is better than me. She made me clean out SIL closet and put all her underwear away. It was so disgusting and belitting. In laws are hoarders - they hoard cats. Currently 20+ cats with only 4 litter boxes. DH and I have really bad allergies, and almost every other day we have an asthma attack. Kitchen is so filthy to even cook in, the cats pee on the container, cat food is heated on the stove and splatters on the walls. The cats pee and drink from the sink faucet. I am used to cooking everyday and preparing my meals for the week. Before moving into the room that the in laws provided, it was housed by some of the cats. There was cat litter and feces in the floors and cat hair everywhere. My sister and family members came to help me clean out the room and move my furniture in, my MIL did not like this. She said why do I have to clean the room, that I act like the cats have a disease, that if I like to clean so much I could clean her house from now on. All the furniture that we have is from my apartment, the bed and closets, desks, everything is bought by DH and myself - brand new. MIL and FIL did not provide anything other than a room that they insisted that we move into. When MIL saw my furniture her eyes were SO wide. I knew she was upset that I had really beautiful things. She went out the next week and bought a brand new bed set with two wardrobe for SIL's room. SIL DOES NOT EVEN LIVE THERE. MIL and FIL do not even speak to me. When I leave or come in I either say Hi or Bye, they sit on the couch and do not even turn their face in my direction to respond. MIL spends four hours in the bathroom every morning - just doing her makeup and DH and I cannot use it until she is done or she gets really mad. One morning I had to pee so bad I couldn't hold it, DH had to ask her if we could use the bathroom, she came storming in the room in a fit of rage saying that she has to get ready for work. When I was leaving the house one morning, MIL was on the phone and said infront of me that DH was NOT MARRIED! She looked up and asked if I was okay because I stood there shocked! If there is food, she waits till DH is home to tell him there is food, but does not tell me anything. She only talks to DH and refuses to speak to me. Then when she complains to whoever on the phone, she says that I'm the one that ignores her and that I walk around acting like I own everything. When DH husband leaves, so do I. I do not come to his house unless he is here. I go to my mothers house or I stay in the library. MIL is so evil, she comes into our room, rummages through my clothes, steals my jewelry and makeup. She goes through every single item that is mine. I hope this women suffers for her mistreatment of another woman's child.

Cut your losses run like hell!

Kimberly commented 1 year ago

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