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Well my stroy is bit twisted. i will try to make it easy to understand but if i don't apologizes from my side. I am an asian women and I didnt dated my husband before my marriage or know him or his family. it was an arrange marriage. my husband married me because 1. he wanted to have in laws who are powerful i mean powerful in sense of contacts 2. he married me cuz he was already having an affair with another women who was not acceptable for his parents as she was from other cast 3. he didnt wanted to marry the girl his parents wanted him to marry as she was quite not so good looking. So he married me but he then regretted marring me becuz 1. i have small breast 2. he wanted to get some benefit out of my family which he couldnt as my dad was not proving to be much helpful 3. on fifth day of my marriage my father and mother in law had already brain washed him that he should have gone for some other girl and marring me was a big mistake. they started forcing him to have children with me which i think were doing thinking that i will never have a baby as i was literally flat chest. on the top of it they tough that i am 40 years old which i wasnt and God knows why they were thinking that why? Al this was done against me cuz it was my mother in law who wanted him to marry that girl my fatehr in law was ok with that girl but he definitely didnt wanted my husband to marry his gf. so now the condition is that i had a baby and i was promised before marriage i will be kept in separate house in a good area which they did i used to live abroad and my husband was brain washed so much by his mother and sister that he shifted back home leaving a very good job and house everything. they didnt kept their promise of keeping me in a good house and now i am living in a very small house and with his parents. my husband once kicked me out of the house cuz i demanded him and his family to move to the house which he bought before marriage saying that i will live here. thanks to mother in law cuz she is the one who dont let him move to the other house. then he promised me that he will move to that house but come back as his sister and brother in law were coming back from USA after 8 years and they wanted to flaunt me and my family in front of his brother in law that i have a wife from such a good family but my father was against my decision to going back home so he never kept in touch with them. just like my father said my husband didnt kept his words and didnt moved me to that house. now i live in a very filthy place where even my husband dont bring his friends as he is ashamed that he lives in such a place. leaving him even his sisters hide that fact from their frinds as well that their parents and bro lives in such a place but still my fatehr in law and mother in law just to torture me dont move out. his sisters comes home my husband expects me to cook fro them like servents which i do and if i dont he insults me and treat me really band infront of other ppl. i <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> hate my mother in law, sister in laws and finally my husband. i want to leave him but i have no where to go as i got married to get out of my fathers house as he him self is not a good husband or a father

You need to leave! I hope and pray you find a solution. Is there a local refuge you can stay at?

Hardeep commented 1 year ago

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