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Everytime we visit my husbands parents its a nightmare. My MIL cooks all day and her food is lovely BUT she constantly moan and complain about it and it is so obvious she doesnt enjoy it. We dont ask her or need her to cook for us at all but she insists. we enjoy going out to eat and will invite them everytime. We earn a lot of money and will eventually buy them
a new house and car. Last year we visited with our 2 month old baby, I had to do the dishes after us having dinner as late as 10 pm every night (first of all I begged we have dinner a bit earlier as I needed to go to sleep) by midnight I would be done, (God forbid her son/ my husband were not aloud to help and should relax) and then I spent the night waking with my little baby to feed him while everyone else was sleeping and then SHE was in a bad mood in the morning because she didnt sleep well. Give me a break! Same thing this year. My husbands dad is such a trooper, he has to stand up with her constant nagging and bossing around. Eat this, dont eat that, do this, dont do that. This time around our baby is 14 months and obviously talks a lot and cries sometimes. She wants him to be quiet all day and shout at him and keep saying kids should be quiet and we are not their slaves so our baby need to fit around her schedule. Our baby is afraid of her and doesnt even go near here, he loves his grand father and hugs him
all the time. She treats her husband and me so bad but her son (my husband) and daugther like royal. She also treats her daugthers boyfriend like me. We are not worth anything. She is constantly mad, either its the weather or the lamp in the neigbours apartment that annoys here or you didnt eat the steak despite explaining you dont eat meat. The weirdest stuff and the worse is that my husband always puts her first before me. I refuse letting her babysit my baby alone as she doesnt have the patients for more than 2 hours and Im afraid she might harm him (she beat her children when they were small). The worse is she will give the silent treatment for days following arguments, ruining everyones holidays so everybody's tipping on toes around her. For me its a waste of my LIFE to spend any time with them and we have so little holidays already. I honestly dont know what to do, my husband has a lot of her bad behaviours like beeing moody, giving silent treatment and I dont want my baby to ever have to experience that. Im considering divorce but just want the best for my baby. Staying with him (I will suffer) leaving him and I dont know what happens with my baby when Im not around. My baby is the sweetest most innocente boy, he is very sensitive but really like an angel. I cant stand the fact of anyone ever being bad to him. Any advice?

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!