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Daughters in Law... don’t suffer in silence!

If you are looking for a place to find support, seek advice, laugh a bit, and maybe resolve your mother-in-law issues, look no further!
At Mother-in-Law Hell you can swap MIL stories, give & get advice, and so much more. Join the Daughters-in-Law Sisterhood!
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I stumbled upon this site today, thank goodness.
My MIL lives nearly 12 hours from us, still doesn't stop the madness.
He's her only child (nearly 50 mind you).
She's a lying, manipulative, passive-aggressive, attention seeing, nasty excuse of a human being.
I've tried praying. I've tried being overly kind. I've tried being just cordial. I've tried ignoring. Nothing works.

The first time I met her was about a month before our engagement. I should have known then that she would be trouble. I'm a natural red-head. She said "hmm, your a red-head". I said "yes ma'am, just like my grandmother". To which she said "well that's nice but do you think you could change your hair color, I don't really care for it". I said very politely "no, I really like it". But inside I'm thinking "don't make my Irish come out and tell you how I really feel". Later, she said to my husband "she's nice, but do you think you can get her to change her hair color?". He replied "I wouldn't change a thing about her". My FIL said "now maybe you'll learn to keep your mouth shut". Love and miss my FIL.

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!