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My mother in law obviously has mental heath issues but my wife cant see it. Before our wedding she completely disagreed with our every decision, cried about not liking her dress and was unsupportive although she claims to like me. We have been together years. We have two boys. One aged 5 one aged 5 months. Whenever she has a bad time she puts all of her emotion baggage etc on my wife rather than her husband. She expects my wife to drop anything and just be there, she expects my wife to put her before our children and myself. They are not even particulally close, my wife does not just ring her for a chat. Recently the mother in laws dad passed away. MIL had a bad relationship with him and said many times she didnt have feelings about his passing. Yet me and my wife visited him regular and did care, I often did his shopping and helped support the family during hospital treatments. The funeral has been booked and everyone who is married are going in cars together and even though there is a spare seat I have been told by mother in law that I must go alone as im not a blood relative. My wife is struggling and wants me by her side at the funeral. Ive also been asked not to attend the commital. I love my wife and her family. I cant understand why her mum is so controlling. She creates unhealthy competition. She uses guilt to get her way and although my wife says she can handle her mums problems she often breaks in to depression when her mum leans on her and im the one left picking her up and distracting the children from noticing. Help. I cant live with MIL like this

Wow I am so sorry your going through this. When you said that you had to go in another car, I've been there... so I feel your pain.
First, I would say to get your wife some help. Second, get yourself some help. Third, talk to your wife about everything and see if there could be a counseling that your MIL would also attend (I know long shot but...). If all else fail... save yourself. Don't know your age (i'm nearly 50 my MIL is nearly 80). I don't have a possible 20 years in me to go through this with her and my husband. I have been thinking about walking out more and more. Good luck to you. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Ginger commented 1 year ago

Damn. F**k this. Get a lawyer if yo wife don know how bad this is she never gonna.

Deonanthony commented 1 year ago

Dont put up wid that bitch. If it aint sorted soon yall never get it sorted. Yall gonna live lyf being pushed around. She will come between you and you wifey. It will break yall

Kirstee commented 1 year ago

Youre mil sounds like she has a narcasistic personality. You need to talk to your wife, get your wife help with depression and try to distance yourself from her. Youre kids should come first and your lifestyle with mil sounds unhealthy. I pray for you

Lilly-rae commented 1 year ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!