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I've known my MIL for almost 8 years. I married her son back in 2015. Not much changed about our relationship until our son was born (their first grandchild). They liked to go out for dinners once every couple of months. My extended family is quite small and I don't see them much unless it's Christmas time. I come from a family of introverts. My husbands family on the other hand loves spending time together often and now that they have a grandchild we are expected to visit every 3rd Sunday. They live about 10 minutes away. Let me add that my mother and father live in the same complex building as us and respects our space. They are in our lives as much as we want them to be. If it was his parents living there, they would be visiting every day. Now that my son is here, she has to text me all the time. He is 10 months old now and she is still texting me. She has stopped texting her son at all and will phone him once a week. She has really pushed me away by being so needy and obsessive. She texts things like "how are you guys"?" "can i come over?" "are you coming to visit us this weekend?" (like we have a choice), and today she has texted me "are you guys free for December 24th christmas dinner". I have been trying to only respond to every 3rd text or so because I don't want to have a fake friendship with this woman. Yes she is a nice person and I appreciate how much she loves my son and wants to be in his life. I don't think it is fair for me to suffer so she can feel happy. My husband doesn't think it is right to confront her about the constant messaging as it will hurt her feelings. He thinks that I should "just put up with it". He gets really offended and upset every time I try to talk to him about it and it has started to affect our marriage. She has insisted on buying us loads of second hand clothing for our son every visit. I don't have any room for any "new" clothes that I want to buy. She had to buy our stroller which I hate. I had a specific one in mind and they had to get this one because it was on sale. I know I sound petty, and yes I am a first time mom. Yes I may be a MIL one day. At least this woman has taught me how to behave with my future DIL. It is November and I know lots of people are excited for the holidays. I am not. My son will be turning 1 year old on December 21 and I want to slow down time as much as possible! I wish she didn't cause me so much stress. I don't want to have a forced friendship with her. She didn't care how I was on the daily before my son was born. The thing that bothers me the most is that we have known each other for almost 8 years and she doesn't know me at all. I don't want to hear from her every day. I think every 3rd weekend is plenty of social time with the in laws. For my birthday she texted me "which gift card do you want for your birthday?". I'm not really into the gift card thing, I like cash better. I responded with "I'm not sure but if it's cash I could put it toward my son's college fund". Well she didn't care what I said and instead got me a gift card of her choice. I don't know why she bothers asking me anything because in the end my opinion or response does not matter. Hate is a strong word but she is definitely ruining any potential relationship with me.

Uh amen sister could have wrote this

Anonymous commented 11 months ago

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