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Daughters in Law... don’t suffer in silence!

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When I first met my boyfriends mum she was very kind just like she is with everyone else to their faces. I soon realised how she would gossip about everyone, including her friends and even family. She would comment about how disgusting that fat girl in a dress looks and how fat girls shouldn't wear short dresses like that, she gave me a dirty look and commented on some shorts that I wore, right before a couple of guests came over she would complain about how dumb they were, how I shouldn't get excited over them (like I usually do around new people) because we're "above" them and all kinds of nasty stuff. When they come, she's nice and friendly. When they leave, I ask if they said anything about me and she said "no, WE people aren't like that, we don't talk about people behind their backs" see the contradiction?
she talks badly of her friends for hours and when I say "I didn't know you hated her that much " She says "no no I do like her". When I speak, she cuts in and interrupts every single time. She also acts superior to me with her nationality, she moved here when my boyfriend was a baby, but she complains about the accents here in England and how we say things incorrectly, how we act and calls us people two faced. I genuinely think the people from my country aren't that way at all and it's very insulting. Not only that, but I'm of French background. And long story short, a friend of hers was coming to visit (he's half her background and half French) she said "he's half Spanish and half French.. at least he's half good". She also is super dramatic, cries over the smallest things, she's manipulative, and has huge bouts of anger and screams to the top of her lungs. She demands respect, If I look at her very neutral and not disrespectful at all and she would say "DON'T F****** look at me like that I will hit you" she's done this on a couple of occasions. I told my boyfriend, and she's apparently "joking", a joke is supposed to be funny. Another time she said don't step onto the concrete and I was on the grass. SHE confused the concrete with grass and I said "oh you mean don't step on the grass?" She said "are you givING ME ATTITUDE?!" And walked away I was so shocked. She also thinks she is more intelligent than me, I know this because every time I say a fact she corrects me as if she knows better. I would say "latte is made up on milk, cappuccino has water" she said "NO! Cappuccino has chocolate and latte doesn't!" Another example: "Buddha isn't a god" I know this because I actually studied Buddhism, she said "no, they praise him, he's a god!! They think he's a god". My dad had whooping cough and the doctor told us it was whooping cough, I tell her he has it because he's vomiting, he coughs so hard and makes a whoop sound.. she says "NO IT's an infection, whooping cough is when you vomit and have coughing fits" ... that was literally what I said. I had sleeping problems and all I needed was melatonin (since that Is a natural chemical for sleeping) she argued and said that I was just depressed and that needed to get hooked on antidepressants (which had multiple side effects, and required me to take a monthly blood test) I wasn't depressed at all, I was just nocturnal. She said "you need to put more seratonin in your brain! You'll be happier. Melatonin isn't natural in your brain!" So stupid. When I first started going to her house I would be polite and do the dishes after dinner and tidy up. Now she asks me to fold the laundry, babysit her younger child, empty the bins, massage her back and make HER tea. She's supposed to be offering me (the guest) tea. She's a stay at home mum, she has cleaners come sometimes and she wants me to do it when I'm simply a guest? She's also racist towards black people and Asians, which I'm against. She tells stories about how her family would put a rabbit in a bag and hit it with a bat and that's how they killed it and ate it, not something I would be proud of. She told me to go pick out some eggs, I got the cage free ones since I care about the wellbeing of the chickens, she said "of course yOU get the most expensive" the then said in a very patronising way "let me teach you how to shop" and picked out cheaper caged eggs. Her cat killed a mouse and she kicked it around so the cat could play with it. I care about all creatures that's just cruel. She takes my boyfriend's brothers new gf out to lunches, the hairdressers for $100 hair cuts and dye, plans to take her to concerts, and let's her sleep over and stay over for weeks and even let's her stay at the house while no one is home. She then complains that she is there, but she let her stay there in the first place it's not fair. She also asks her to fold laundry too and when she doesn't do it, she complains about her and says she's lazy and a narssisist but it's no one's obligation but hers. She's a stay at home mum and she can do her own house work. If this is how she is like while I'm merely a girlfriend, imagine if I'm a wife? The worst part is that she drums into everyone's head how she is so nice and she does such kind things to people and expects to be treated with so much respect when she barely respects me or even my boyfriend. He doesn't let me complain though, he gets angry when I do. He's mostly very nice though, he just defends her blindly.

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!