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I have been with my partner near 7 years married 2 and now with a 1 year old daughter. My MIL has been giving me hell since she first met me I was 16 he was 18 I'm not the smartest or prettiest but my husband thinks Iam and I'm okay with that but I hear my MIL whispering all the time about how fat and ugly Iam she never came to visit her son before our daughter was born which I was happy I don't want to fake niceties for her she is a huge gossip and a drama queen if you say no to the slightest thing she make a big deal and tries to guilt trip you into and apology which I used to say sorry but now that my daughter in the picture I have started to put my foot down. But that has just strained my marriage and cause me to get sick she doesn't care about how we want to raise our daughter we tell her this what we are doing and this is what our daughter like but she ignores it and does what she wants she always just says (Quote: I have raised three perfectly good children I think I know what I'm doing) and commenting on non existant house work which Gets done daily and make me paranoid to the extreme.
Sorry this so long but I have never been able to get this off my chest and reading all these stories I felt like I had to share

I just read your story and It breaks my heart that you are putting yourself down. Your husband obviously thinks your are smart and pretty. If I where you, I would refuse to be around her. I did this and it has caused some friction on my marriage but the small friction is soooo much better than dealing with a manipulative, condescending un happy woman. It's none of your MIL business whether you clean your house properly. Life is to short sister!

lisarox commented 3 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!