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Daughters in Law... don’t suffer in silence!

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My mother in law is horrific. She is everything I hate in a person. She has never worked, has been in welfare her entire life and never made an honest living. She judges everyone else, including her own brother, saying "He'll always be poor". HE WORKS! Even if he works 2 or 3 crappy jobs at least he makes an honest living.

She (and my husband) brag how great of a single mother she was. How she spent all her time doing things with him. She actually brought up a spoiled rotten brat, who she couldn't even bring out to family dinners because he was so misbehaved. She even said so herself, but with no shame or regret.

She acts like a homeless person who always EXPECTS everything for free. She abuses coupons - even for small companies who are trying to advertise to create more business. For example, she had a coupon for FREE pizza in the newspaper. She found as many coupons as she could and used them more than once. She didn't even tip the waitress!

She judges ME for being a single mom, but THIS single mom now does your son's laundry and cleans up after him! AND SHE was a single mom! Her excuse (which I don't need an excuse, I'm fine having been a single mom, proud of it actually) is that her husband beat her up. I get that she left, I understand he was a drunk but how can she judge someone for being a single parent when she was a single parent?

She is dirty! Her home is like a big pile of garbage that is cluttered with items from as far back as 40 years. She never buys anything on her own. HER sister in law (her brothers wife) buys, prepares and DELIVERS food to her door. She doesn't pay for it and then she treats her sister in law like garbage. She does NOT act grateful to the sister in law and calls her names behind her back.

She has these old wives tale ideas like - she won't get a flu shot? Like they're bad? She had an infection in her leg and had to go to the doctors every single day for antibiotics through IV because it was so bad. And it's because she is THAT DIRTY!! She won't take care of her health and her legs and feet are HONEST TO GOD the dirtiest, grossest feet I have ever seen. Even the doctors made comments on it.

She wears Depends and she won't change them because she is too cheap. AND SHE GETS THEM FOR FREE FROM HER SISTER IN LAW!! She lives on a pension and it's not like her rent is expensive, she lives in affordable housing by the government. She has no food expenses and her car insurance is paid for by me and my husband.

She has a MAJOR gambling problem on top of it all. We take her to Vegas every year and she gets mad at her son EVERY SINGLE TIME. She talks to him like crap yet she won't let anyone else talk to him - or about him - like that. She tries to run him down to me and wants me to agree? NEVER would I do that.

He's a grown man now, a good man and tries to take care of his mother (who guilts him like she gave us so much for him!) She was a lazy POS her whole life so she gave up nothing! She talks smack about everyone - she literally has no friends. Her reputation at her place of religion is "the crazy lady with rotten teeth who doesn't get along with anyone". And that is LITERALLY her nick name. So it's not just me.

I was warned about her from SO MANY people when I met my husband. I still have all the patience in the world. I treat her like a queen. I have invited her along on vacation every single year, even when my husband says no. I don't know why I do it because every time, it messes up MY Plans and she fights with me or him - EVERY SINGLE TIME.

And BTW - she has money in the bank. Lots of it. She's just cheap because she is a whack job. She won't pay for anything. I thought it was a farce but after this many years. I realize - she takes the cake in the cheap department! She wont pay for food unless it's a coupon. She will eat buffets and take 5-6 plates full of food. She even sneaks the food out of the place in plastic bags! She will drive 50 miles to get free food. She won't 'share' costs with anyone but EXPECTS everyone else to pay for her.

I told my husband that she can be very generous! But I did not tell him that it's ONLY when she gets something for FREE. She has never spent a PENNY on my husband since we met 5 years ago. He has spent tens of thousands on her. She will give him left over food or drop off used crap we don't need but hasn't even bought him lunch.

She treats me like absolute garbage. I can't even begin to tell you the things she has done or said to me. But the reason for my rant is, we are supposed to go on our annual trip in a few months and I WILL NOT do it again this year. I have had it. Last straw. I don't know how to tell my husband but I have to this time. For my own sanity!

I have tolerated her before and I obviously ONLY do it because I adore my husband but she is literally the MOTHER IN LAW from HELL.

I know you already know this, but ya'll are enabling her by paying for her gambling and whatnot. Time to get some distance from her, especially if she is as unsanitary as you could pick something up from her place!

Cat commented 3 years ago

You definitely have a winner there. Stand your ground, be respectful but keep your distance. Don't take any crap unless it is a matter of life or death, mainly yours.
BTW, she'll never change so don't even think about it. Don't make your husband feel bad about her, after-all he didn't make her but she did make him.
Good Luck.

Mamma Lena commented 3 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!