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My story is years old - the biggest issue is we finally set some boundaries and my sneaky mil tries to break them. We've gotten the boundaries of space, invitations, questioning, etc in order, and she now must only contact my husband. A therapist suggested this and at first , I refused until my mom accused me of deleting an email. She's the same woman who felt it was fine to send an email to me and copy my husband at his work address! She thought I was hiding emails- sorry mil, I'm not you! My husband told her to no longer send personal emails to his work, but she acted like it was an accident! The copying part was just downright rude! So now, even though we've set it up where she only communicates with my husband, she still sends him texts or invites for me that she knows will get under my skin. I've repeatedly asked my husband that no matter how humorous he thinks these are, I can't find them funny based on my history with this crazy women! Recently, she sent an email for an all day ladies afternoon function through my husband to my teenage daughter and me. The function was on my birthday. Now this woman is good, but if my husband had never told me, I could go on happily. It irritates me so much that I started shaking, and I said," why, why can't you see what she's trying to do? And you're letting her! You're letting her schemes divide us." I know it's weird to say an invitation could be rude, but when you're inviting someone to an event on her birthday to which you know the person has no interest and it's also making a statement about how much better you think you are than your dil, it's extremely rude. So the prob is my husband still after many, many years still refuses to see her as scheming, but just as completely clueless when every person I tell this story to sees right through her. It's just never going up change, even with my clarity about what I want and don't want. Right before Thanksgiving, she was so weird and sent me a coupon to a store that I never visit. She also bought my teenage son a bunch of Star Wars apparel that we had to return w/o receipt. He stopped wearing that stuff when he was 10 or younger! Just can't stand her- not looking forward to spending another holiday with her either. I feel like Chrustmas wasn't long enough ago!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, just ignore the invites. You've already let your husband know you don't want them. Ask him to not share them with you, no matter WHAT they are for. Eventually she will get the hint and will stop sending them to you. Clearly she wants to cause an argument between you and your husband, so if you ignore the invites, you can't argue about them. My hubs also doesn't always see the scheming and things my MIL is "Well-intentioned but clueless". Sometimes he sees glimmers of her evil, but usually not. Whatever. He doesn't need to see it. He just needs to keep her the hell away from me! lol

Cat commented 2 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!