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'Can you BELIEVE what she said about us??' squeals my SIL like a little 5 year old on the kindergarten playground trying to impress people with her gossipy war-mongering. Honey, anyone with half a brain could believe it. I mean, can you honestly act surprised that after the horrible treatment we've received for well over a decade that, strangely, someone might have something to say about it?

Unlike my miserable in-laws, I don't go around spreading gossip to people in the 'real world' (as it were). I did once make a comment to someone on FB, but it was not someone I actually have ever met in real life, and it was not someone who has any connection to my in-laws in any way. You see, I have more class than to air our family dirty laundry to anyone we mutually know...unlike them. They've ruined every potential relationship within the family (as well as to our extended 'family') by telling everyone lies about me, my husband and my beautiful (and innocent) children. Now we have ZERO chance of any kind of real connection with anyone in the greater family circle thanks to the smear campaign against us. I do have a secret for my in-laws though....psssst, lean in closer.......I could care less about that entire group of ignorant xenophobes. I'm very happy without them - I just like letting ya'll know the lengths at which my in-laws will go to try to bring us down. Strangely, it's no big loss to move here and discover they had already laid the ground work to ensure we never connect with anyone in their circle. It's OK, honey, we are fully capable of making our own friends - you know, folks with open minds, who enjoy intellectual pursuits, and who are happy, encouraging and supportive. Oh, sorry, I shouldn't use such large, strange vocabulary words since my in-laws clearly have no idea what they mean.

When I wrote recently about how things went down on Easter Saturday, I forgot a few details (because, I mean seriously, it would take a very long time to rattle off every single ridiculous slight, icy glance or rude behavior or else I'd be here all day). One interesting tidbit was when we exited the restaurant (and I'd like to point out my in-laws left while my youngest and I were using the restroom - I mean, why wait patiently and politely for us when it's far more fun to have us come out of the restroom to discover they've all left without us?). My husband waited for us (because somehow he has some idea about other people's feelings - clearly he learned that from being a bookworm and hiding himself in his room much of his teen years, since he definitely didn't learn that from any of these wretched people).

So, my husband, my youngest and I exited the building to find them all waiting in the parking lot. I was walking ahead (my husband was helping my youngest along) and I saw my MIL standing there holding a couple of bags and looking at us, clearly the international symbol that she had something to give to us. So, naturally, I headed her way. She said to me 'Oh no!! You go over there!', motioning for me to go to our car. I'm like 'O....K......' (but didn't actually say that, because I have manners and stuff, and instead smiled and did as I was commanded). Instead, she waited for my husband to get to her and gave the bags to HIM, explaining they were for the kids for Easter Sunday (the following day).

My FIL had already looked off and was getting into his car, so I did the same (hollering out a 'thank you again for dinner' in a very friendly, chipper voice before getting into our car). After we got home, I made no bones about explaining to my husband that that little display was for HIS benefit. It was so he would be sure to notice their 'generosity', since he's the one they hope to impress with these little know, to try to convince him to forget the horrible things they do since they once-in-the-bluest-of-moons will do something generous for our kids. He stopped in his tracks and thought about that...and golly, I had a point. Why not give the bag to ME, since I was the first one out of the restaurant (from our little group) and the first one to reach her. Why purposely send me away and focus only on HIM seeing the bag and having her explain the items within (you know, to get full credit, naturally).

Come on, folks....that was a pretty overt and ridiculous act....overt enough even for my blind-to-his-family's-BS husband to notice. Tsk, tsk...too obvious, honey.

What was in the bag? Chocolates that weren't kept cool and therefore melted in our tropical heat, and 2 mugs for the kids - one of which the handle had broken off of. Thanks? I ended up throwing away the melted, warped chocolate and my daughter tossed her mug when she saw it didn't have a handle like her brother's. Brilliant. So, she pushed me aside to make a big display for my husband about giving us 'treats' for the kids that they couldn't fully enjoy. Oh, but they 'mean well', you'll say. Yeah, maybe. And maybe they only put about 2 seconds of thought into things (because chocolate inside a hot car all day is going to melt...and since I made a special mention of getting together in the AFTERNOON so that our egg hunt wouldn't include melted eggs, you'd think it would have been on their minds to keep their own chocolate in good shape with...oh, I dunno, maybe that ice-filled cooler that had drinks in it could have also housed a bag of chocolates. Oh, sorry, that would give too much credit for the ability to think ahead about something that benefitted someone else and not themselves and their 'reputation'.

Brilliant, folks. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking closer to our departure date...I will literally never set foot in this region again. If one of them dies, I'll offer to watch the kids so they don't have to deal with the BS that I KNOW would come if I showed up at a funeral for any one of these spankheads. I'll be sad for my husband for losing a parent - but you know what? He's already lost them. He's already shut them off, thanks to their stupid behaviors. I sit there being the pillar of grace and friendliness while they shoot me icy glares along with the ridiculous 'bag of treats' episode in the parking lot. Tallies are being added up, folks (for the last 12 years, really), and I hate to tell you this, but you're only shooting yourselves more and more in the foot.

Can anyone believe the stuff I dare to say about these wretched people? I'd like to think that if you, too, have had to deal with such miserable people for over a decade, that you have also earned the right to blow off steam to a bunch of strangers (although I DO still consider this a sisterhood!). Thanks for reading all the way to the end. I know ya'll understand my feelings. Tomorrow is another day, where I'm focusing on my kids and my amazing (if a little blind to his family) husband. Life goes on...

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