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I am at my whits end. My MIL as gone to one exstream to another. Before compleatly controlibg to not doing a damn thing. Eaither way is stressful, and I fell like she is never going to leave. My hubby and I have changed out move out data twice to acomadate her needs. There are issues with SSC (she is permitily disabeld) and her ex is holding up the last bit of it. I have hit a point where I don't care, my stress is too high iv'e gain 30lbs and have zero felling of ownership over my own damn house. 90% of everything in the house is her's. The stress leve has gotten so bad about how she will be on her own the my hubby is cosidering a loan, giving her money every month and co sighing an appartment. Witch is all fine and danddy but I get this gut felling that, that would just enabel her and she'd be back with use after the loan was spent. My husbant is also worried about how she will pay for you med's when she is on her own. This topic I am hartless about for she had the oppritunity the sue the company that casued her to be permitaly disability, has it documented and everything, could of had her medical taken care of for life with a setalment on top of that and chose not to! She chose to barily affored for her Dr's and med's. This literily infuriates me becuase it is effecting my husbant and I life together. She was supose to move out Dec 2015. Around that time she brought up going back to work part time at home (great) this was the same time I was looking for a second job and she brought up me doing the work she was going to do (and she'd be the one being payed) she never looked into it further than talking about it. I get she is disabeled but whollowing in her misery, complaining about money, and waiting for handout will not fix anything. I wish she would get a job just to help her self out. I am to the point where I want to take a trip and let them work it out, but I know that's not the answer.

Jesus Christ learn to spell!

JB commented 2 years ago

I definitely wouldn't leave your MIL and your husband to "work it out' alone, because I suspect he would agree to let her live with him forever. If taking out a loan will get her away from you, go for it...but ensure your husband also talks about taking out life insurance on his mother so he can get paid back on that loan when she finally departs this earth.

Cat commented 2 years ago

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daughters in law, don’t suffer in silence!