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Got a great one: MIL sends my husband a birthday card yesterday that says "find your own path in life that makes you happy. Just be 100% you- you don't have to fit into any certain pattern in life". Are you FREAKING kidding me?!...

sounds like your over reacting to me

JB commented 2 years ago

Why do these (80s parents) turn into 2010s mils from hell and so needy? Was it the magic of credit cards, where they found out they didn't have to work if they just maintain the minimum payments? My mil still claims the martial discovery card that has a $15k limit is her own doing, when I believe she is illegally using his dad's credit. She has like 6 aliases and has jumbled her name on all these cards that I am not sure her new husband even knows about. Her new husband is 12 years (which I think she lied at the alter) her junior and 7 years older than her own son. Eww!

TheB****shehates commented 2 years ago

Ha! That sounds like code for "Feel free to leave your wife at any time!" She sounds like a real piece of work! The truth of the matter is: if she really wanted him to be HAPPY, then she wouldn't try to undermine his marriage and instead would be supportive.

Cat commented 2 years ago

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