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I didn't realise this site was back, I've missed it so much...
Husband and I have been married for 13 years, we have a 3, nearly 4 year old son who is our complete world. We both work and we run 2 businesses. All in all, I think we do very well. For the most part we are happy, there's not enough time to repeat every single thing she's done/said, so I'll cherry pick....
1) Before I'd even met her she started dictating when I could wear my engagement ring-saying I couldn't wear it to my husband's 21st because people would feel awkward that they hadn't brought presents (this was after we had politely declined an engagement party to which she was going to invite just her family and friends, none of my family or any of our friends)
2) She point blank refused to allow us to sleep in the same room in her house until we were married-that's fine, it's her house, her rules....then she allowed brother in law and his girlfriend to sleep in the same room when they stayed over for a good 3 years before they got married
3) She screamed down the phone that my husband was selfish, cold hearted, spiteful and deceptive because she didn't like our wedding date (she also asked him what she done that was so bad that he would want to hurt her like this)
4) When we told her that we wouldn't be raising our son Catholic she burst into tears and started telling us we were making her "desperately sad...desperately sad"
5) When I was pregnant I was very poorly, I was in hospital 3 times and got signed off work at 28 weeks. The only reason I wasn't hospitalised was because I promised I would stay in bed for the rest of the pregnancy...she turns up the day after I'm told all this and tells me we're going cot shopping, when I say I can't she tells me she's going to ring the doctor and tell him not to mess with my mother in law (her exact words "don't mess with your mother in law, you wouldn't mess with her so he shouldn't dare"). When husband intervened she told him "millions of women have babies everyday, this is no different...if I hadn't done it successfully twice you and your brother wouldn't be here"...this is also after we've lost 4 babies.
6) After my son's christening I had to apologise to 6 people for the way she spoke to them
7) Her husband left her when my husband was 13, I'm not defending that, but my husband's 34 and she will still hold the fact that he left over both her sons...the second either of them do something she doesn't like she'll go off about how she raised them by herself and it wasn't her who left them so why are they hurting her like this? He's been married to his mistress longer than he was married to her (he's an <i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i><i class="fa fa-asterisk filtered"></i> by the way, an awful father, but for god's sake she's such a martyr to it. I'm sure there are single Mums reading this that have had to raise their children from babies with absolutely no help/money from the sperm donor...he paid every month, the house he left her in is worth over a million quid and her parents are multi millionaires, she was never going to starve and she never had to go without by her own admission)
8) She feels it is her right to say whatever she likes about anything, which is true, but the same goes for the rest of us...if she upsets us then it's her right to have an opinion, if we upset her then we are hurtful and selfish
9)Her friends have started disowning her, her best friend sent her email stating she didn't want anything more to do with her as my mother in law had been so judgemental and nasty about her lifestyle choice that it became to much (her best friend has a younger partner, I think it's something like 20 years difference...however she's about 60 and he's around 40ish, it's not like he's barely legal)...her ex best friend's son is taking holy orders and for some reason my mother in law got invited to some kind of celebration that was being held when he'd finished his studying (this was after the email from her ex best friend), he's now an Anglican priest I think...she kept saying &quot;well, I have to go don't I? I HAVE TO&quot;...everyone (even her mother) kept telling her she didn't have to go, she could just ignore the whole thing...she then announces &quot;I'm going, and yes I will be wearing my crucifix and yes I will be telling people I'm a CATHOLIC&quot; suggestion that she not bring it up as the day wasn't about her and it might look like she's trying to cause drama fell on very stoney ground
10) I'm going to court near the end of the year as I reported a family member for historic abuse, apparently my being abused and raped from the age of 3 is exactly the same as her husband having an affair and leaving her, exactly the same....

I could go on, but I obviously don't want to bore you haha x Thank you for reading xx

She sounds like a real piece of work. Have you considered a cut off? How does your husband feel about it?

Cat commented 2 years ago

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